Day: August 24, 2012

Mitt Romney Reaches An All Time Low: Emergence Of The “Birther”!

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has just reached an all time low in degrading the office he seeks!

Mitt Romney, in his home state of Michigan, just said that there was no debate about where he or his wife were born, as they were born in Michigan hospitals! Specifically, he said “No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place where we were born and raised.”

In so doing, he is spreading the sick, vulgar myth that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, but instead in Kenya!

There is absolutely nothing more despicable and disgraceful that Mitt Romney could say about President Obama than to legitimize and spread the lie that the 44th President of the United States is illegitimate to serve in the highest office of the land!

Romney is spreading the poison of hate and racism represented by Orly Taitz, Donald Trump, and the many others who hate Barack Obama because he is African American, and refuse to show respect and a sense of dignity to a President who has faced the greatest challenges of any President in 80 years, since the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Great Depression!

These despicable “Birthers” are promoting the “Big Lie” technique that was utilized in Nazi Germany by Adolf Hitler, and their racism classifies them as no better than the Ku Klux Klan and other violent groups that have made ethnic and racial and religious hatred their purpose and aim throughout American history!

Romney has produced the most sinful accusation for a man who claims to be a person of “faith”, and he adds to the racism that his Mormon Church practiced until 1978, and then suddenly changed!

He cannot be forgiven for such an insult and the degrading of his own reputation, and the American people will pay him handsomely by a repudiation of his divisive, dishonest, unprincipled campaign, which has no limits to his obsessive ambition to be President, no matter how much he divides the nation!

This outrage also makes John McCain, the 2008 Presidential nominee, look so much more principled when he challenged those who spread rumor and gossip and lies about the origins of Barack Obama!

Mitt Romney, you should be totally ashamed of yourself, and make a profusive apology, but one can be sure no such admission is forthcoming!

Two Weeks In: Is Paul Ryan A Positive For Mitt Romney?

Tomorrow morning, it will have been two weeks since Paul Ryan was selected as the GOP Vice Presidential nominee.

The question is whether or not it has been a positive for Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.

The answer is both yes and no, but with the no side more obvious!

In a positive way, Paul Ryan has come across as a photogenic candidate, a man who is intelligent, bright, and an outstanding speaker at political events, and in the latter area, far outdistancing Mitt Romney, his running mate.

But on the negative side, the political focus has been on issues that harm him and the Republican Party, going into their convention in Tampa next Monday to Thursday.

The first week was dominated by his proposal to make Medicare a voucher program for future Medicare recipients, and while many observers give Ryan credit for his courage in pushing the idea in his Ryan budget, it is clearly a negative on the campaign trail, scaring many seniors who, theoretically, will not be affected by the plan, since it only affects those under 55. It also antagonizes many who are a bit younger than 55, and do not appreciate that what they are paying for in payroll taxes may lead to a system far less supportive of them when they are seniors, than their older brothers and sisters or parents are entitled to.

The fact that Paul Ryan supported every spending program of the Bush Administration, and wishes to avoid any spending cuts for defense, although he originally supported such cuts, also hurts.

As bad as the Medicare and spending issues have been, the abortion, rape and Todd Akin controversy this past week has done a tremendous amount of damage among a majority of women, particularly since Ryan had the same view on the subject as Akin, while the GOP was throwing Akin “under the bus”, so to speak. And since Akin refused to leave the Missouri Senate race, he is an albatross around Ryan’s and Romney’s neck for the remainder of the campaign.

So in antagonizing senior citizens, and those near senior citizen status, in the not so distant future, and women who have a sense of dignity and pride about the control of their own bodies, Paul Ryan has been much more a negative factor than a positive one.

And the ultimate irony is that he has provided, basically, no “bump” for Mitt Romney, far less than Sarah Palin did in the beginning for John McCain four years ago!