Day: August 17, 2012

Conservatives Attempting To Take Credit For Death Of Osama Bin Laden Away From President Obama: Is There No Sense Of Decency And Propriety Left?

A new video is coming out which lies about President Obama and the death of Osama Bin Laden, claiming that Obama is taking full credit for apprehending Bin Laden, focusing totally on himself for political reasons, and failing to give full credit to the troops and special forces involved in the operation.

Is there no sense of decency and propriety left? The facts are that Obama did NOT focus on himself when announcing the success of the mission; gave FULL credit to the sacrifices and training and expertise of the special forces and troops; and clearly deserves FULL credit for accomplishing the goal, but of course with the work of the military!

If Obama’s decision to go after Osama Bin Laden had failed, we would never have heard the end of it, and it would have been used to demonstrate that he is weak, ineffective, a failure, much like Jimmy Carter was depicted after the failed rescue mission in Iran in April 1980.

It took guts and courage for President Obama to decide to follow through, and it is a profile in courage of massive amounts!

Strange that we have never had any other President, who was involved in a successful decision making process, facing criticism and being told that he deserves no credit for what he did!

There is no area of Obama’s Presidency that does not have an element of constant attack, even on the most outstanding single event of Obama’s term as President!

One has to wonder IF George W. Bush had accomplished the goal, he would have bragged to the skies about it,and no one would have denied him the credit for the success!

So it comes down to the fact that a person who is African American must be constantly attacked, and denied any credit or respect! Can anyone deny that when conservatives go so low as to deny credit for the most courageous decision of any President since the Cuban Missile Crisis and John F. Kennedy in 1962, fifty years ago?

Reality: No Balanced Budget For Long Time, And National Debt Will Continue To Rise!

In the midst of all the debates about who is “better” for the country, the team of Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden, or the team of Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, something is being forgotten or ignored!

There will be no balanced budget for a long time, and the national debt will continue to rise!

There is no magic potion to bring about a balanced budget, or to prevent the national debt from rising!

So whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is elected, one will see both the budget issue and the national debt issue continue to be a center of heated debate!

The difference is who will “benefit” from what government does–the middle class and the poor, if Obama wins; or the wealthy top two percent if Romney wins!

But it is more than that!

It is also which man will cause the national defense budget and foreign interventions to grow, adding to our burden, and it is clear that Mitt Romney, with his loose, reckless rhetoric toward Iran, Russia and China, will cause us a lot more financial burden and many more lost American military lives than Barack Obama!

And it is also what direction do we want the nation to go regarding constitutional law! Do we want more Antonin Scalias, Clarence Thomases, and Samuel Alitos? Or do we want more Ruth Bader Ginsbergs, Stephen Breyers, Sonia Sotomayors, and Elena Kagans? This will determine more of the future, economically and socially, than anything else!

It is foreign policy and constitutional law, two areas most people are ignoring, that will have a greater impact on our future than the false argument that, somehow, one or the other candidate for President will, magically, balance the budget, or stop the rise in the national debt, when neither will be able to do anything about either of those matters!