Day: August 28, 2012

Chris Christie: Great Speech, But Needs To Look At His Own Party Being Cause Of Our Problems More Than He Is Willing To Admit!

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, who could never be the nominee of his party with his socially moderate views, gave an outstanding speech tonight about the need for both political parties to work together, compromise, and bring about solutions to our many economic problems.

The problem is that he fails to tell us that it is his party–the Republican Party—which has stood in the way of negotiation and compromise, and that they have adopted an extreme right wing agenda in their party platform, some of which in his heart, he truly does not support.

So Christie aroused the delegates, but his message will have deaf ears among Congressional Republicans, who have brought about the most unproductive Congress since World War II!

Christie has said all of us must share in the sacrifice, but his party and his candidate, Mitt Romney, are out to enrich the rich and take from the middle class and the poor, so his message falls flat, as pure propaganda!

Ann Romney: Mitt Romney’s Greatest Asset

Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, has delivered what is by far the greatest speech in the first night of the Republican National Convention.

While this author has been somewhat critical of Ann Romney, it must be admitted that she is her husband’s greatest asset, as she comes across as an effective speaker, a wife fully devoted to her husband, and has made a valiant attempt to humanize her husband, who is very stiff and awkward in public.

If Anne Romney were to run for public office herself, she could probably have a shot at success, but the problem for Mitt Romney is that with his inconsistency, and his record of lies and constant switches on every issue imaginable, and his embrace of the most right wing party platform the Republican Party has ever adopted, the question arises as to how he will manage to convince the nation two days from now when he will ask for the country’s support to make him President of the United States!

As Republicans Push For Cuts To Food Stamp Program, Poverty Rises, Particularly In Red (Republican) States!

The Republican Party is determined to cut the Food Stamp program as a boondoggle, wasteful spending, and used by recipients, it is claimed, in an abusive manner.

The reality, however, is that about one out of five Americans in polls have stated that they cannot afford their necessary food supply in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

And the irony is that inability to afford food, and the need for food stamps therefore, is most prevalent in the RED or Republican states of the South and Border states–including Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, West Virginia and Louisiana!

So it is RED states that suffer from hunger, and the reality is that about 50 percent of the food stamp recipients are children, and another 8 percent are elderly.

Statistics show that 18 percent of recipients have no income at all; 41 percent have half the poverty level income; and only 14 percent have incomes above the poverty level. Also, less than 10 percent get a welfare payment along with food stamps. And the assets of these poor souls is less than $100 in savings per family!

Is this the best we can do, and is this what the Republican Party wishes to stand for–to undermine the groups and states that vote for them in state and national elections?

This is a disgrace, which is an understatement!