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Mitt Romney Might Be Mentally Unbalanced And A Threat As President! Something To Consider As Presidential Election Approaches!

Mitt Romney has been the most consistent liar of any Presidential nominee in American history, if one examines the way he has run his campaign for President, and also looks at his background, both in public office, in the business world, and in his life experiences.

Romney is considered worrisome as a future President because of his hypocrisy, his deceit in words and actions, and his consistent pathological lying about everything imaginable!

Psychologists would term Mitt Romney as having ASP, Antisocial Personality Disorder. This means that he can be charming and is handsome, and uses those factors to confuse people as to his intentions and motivations. He is consumed by his own mad need to increase his personal wealth, no matter who he hurts in the process, and when demonstrated that he is lying or deceptive, he doubles down on his lies, until, as in the Presidential debates, he confused everyone with his quick switch to the opposite views of everything he had run on in the Presidential primaries.

Romney feels “entitled”, displays narcissism to the extreme, and likes to dominate and control others. And he has no regret, and claims not to remember, bullying a young classmate and leading a gang in forcibly cutting his hair; or using his father’s position as Michigan Governor to wear a police officer’s uniform and stop motorists; and having the gall to back the war in Vietnam, but make sure that he did not serve, by using the excuse of doing a Mormon mission in Paris, France!

With Bain Capital, he caused the collapse of businesses, the laying off of workers, and did whatever would advance his own fortune, having no compassion for those who were victims of his “Robber Baron” Gilded Age mentality!

Romney wiped out records of his work at the Salt Lake Olympics and his Massachusetts Governorship, which meant that there had to be unethical, if not illegal, activities being covered up, because if not, why do that?

Romney has shown no concern for the rights of women; the plight of the poor; the struggles of the middle class; and is unwilling to show his own financial records and taxes, and to discuss his role in the Mormon Church. He feels the American people are not entitled to know anything about his background, and that the news media are the enemy, and that means he will be the most uncommunicative President since Richard Nixon!

Romney is willing to do anything to harm those not his friends, and looks with disdain upon the “47 percent” in his Boca Raton presentation, when he thought he was safely able to express his true views and personality. That event is a warning of what would likely be one of the most corrupt administrations in American history, were he to be elected to the White House!

Mitt Romney is a chameleon, a charlatan, a massive liar, a narcissist, and in many ways a sociopath who would be dangerous with the power to be Commander in Chief, likely to take us into more foreign wars, and violate the Bill Of Rights with impunity!

Who is the true Mitt Romney? No one knows, and to elect him is to take a massive gamble which would likely lead to disaster on many fronts!

The Discomfort Of Mitt Romney With The Outside World: A Danger For America’s Future

Mitt Romney showed great discomfort and awkwardness in his performance in the Foreign Policy debate held last night in Boca Raton, Florida.

He made it clear that he does not know the geography of the Middle East, when he said Syria was Iran’s connection to the Mediterranean Sea, forgetting or not knowing that Iraq lies between Iran and Syria.

He talked of Iran as if it was Arab, when Iran is Persian, an unbelievable misunderstanding.

He has talked of military action against Iran and Syria in the past, but now backed off on that.

He has made trade threats against China, even though he has invested in Chinese trade through Bain Capital.

He has called Russia the leading geopolitical threat to America, which brings back memories of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, which ended 20 years ago.

In a poll of 21 nations, public opinion polls demonstrate that all of them massively prefer Barack Obama as America’s leader for the next four years, as they feel uneasy about the lack of knowledge and interest of Mitt Romney in their nations’ futures, Ironically, only Pakistan prefers Romney, maybe due to the raid into Pakistan that gained the end of the life of Osama Bin Laden.

The outside world knows that Barack Obama, with the assistance of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and others, has shown respect and concern for their nations, and has become overwhelmingly popular and respected, a great relief from the low esteem felt in other nations toward George W. Bush.

Mitt Romney only sees the outside world as a profit motive, and has never shown interest in anyplace except as one to make money, or proselytize his Mormon faith, as in France in the late 1960s, and yet it is France that has the highest support for Barack Obama of any of the 20 nations that prefer that Obama be elected to a second term.

We cannot afford an ignorant, poorly informed, and less than motivated person to become our President, as he could, too easily, be manipulated by foreign policy extremists who want new wars to advance their agenda of American dominance and promotion of corporate interests. Mitt Romney is the wrong person to be our Commander in Chief in the 21st century, and having a potential Vice President, Paul Ryan, who has no greater grasp or interest in foreign policy than he has, makes that conclusion even more powerful!

Mitt Romney: The “Stealth” Candidate— We “Hardly Know Ye!”

Mitt Romney has turned out to be the “Stealth” candidate, who refuses to open up and tell us who he is!

After running for President twice, and being a public figure for two decades, we do NOT know much about the following areas of Mitt Romney’s life:

His Mormon religion
His activities at Bain Capital
His tax returns
His economic plan
His foreign policy views
His friends and associates
His plans if he became President

Mitt Romney is a total unknown, who leaves the impression that he is always changing his mind; is always secretive; is not interested in people as much as acquisition of wealth; has no concern for the average American; has no great knowledge or interest in the outside world; has no great intellectual thoughts on any subject; prefers to be accepted on face value, rather than open up; and is just, simply, not very likable.

These facts and traits about Mitt Romney is what will ultimately doom his candidacy this November!

The Republicans And The Economy: A Losing Issue, Ultimately!

The Republican Party, and their Presidential team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, love to say that we are NOT better off than we were four years ago, without pointing out that they have prevented any legislation to create jobs, and have done everything possible in their states of control to cut the number of teachers, firefighters, police officers and other public employees, therefore keeping the unemployment rate above 8 percent.

The fact that 4.5 million jobs have been created under Barack Obama, more than under eight years of George W. Bush, is ignored!

The fact that the stock market has reached an all time high, and doubled from its low point in 2009, is ignored!

The fact that the inflation rate is very low is ignored!

The fact that the corporations are doing well, and sitting on trillions of dollars of available capital for investments, as a ploy to defeat Barack Obama for wanting to regulate, and tax them at a higher rate as they were in the past, is ignored!

Public opinion polls make clear that while the American people are not happy with the economy, they trust Barack Obama to care more about them and their future, than they do Mitt Romney, the guy who actually laid off people at Bain Capital, and accumulated vast wealth at the expense of the American economy, and thinks that middle class people make $200,000-$250,000 a year, demonstrating that he has no clue as to the life of the average American!

And even worse, he and Paul Ryan do not give a damn about the average American–whether senior citizen, college student, African American, Hispanic-Latino, women, the poor, or working class white!

The Republican Party is flailing, and no intelligent person is listening to their arguments on the economy!

Commitment To Others (Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama) Vs. Commitment To One’s Own Wealth Acquisition (Mitt Romney)!

Two former Democratic Presidents—Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton—have devoted their post Presidential lives to a commitment to help others, through the Carter Center and the Clinton Initiative.

They have both stood out for their efforts to promote peace, fight hunger and disease, improve the lives of others, rather than set out to add to their own wealth acquisition.

At the same time, Barack Obama seems likely to follow the same pursuits, because, after all, he devoted his early adult life to being a community organizer in the toughest neighborhoods of Chicago, dealing with poverty, hunger, and family problems of many Chicago residents. He has been ridiculed by the right wing of the Republican Party for doing so, but then the right wing of the GOP has also shown a lack of respect and deference toward both Carter and Clinton with their retirement years commitment to doing good for others!

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has devoted his entire adult life simply to the acquisition of wealth for the sake of wealth, not concerning himself with the closing down of businesses by Bain Capital, and the loss of jobs by many thousands of workers. He also likes to flaunt wealth, as with the car elevator at his one of many homes in California, and his refusal to release his tax returns, because it would reveal just how manipulative and deceitful he has been, a man who has no ethics or morals when it comes to the making of money!

Of course, it is said that Mitt Romney gives to “charity”, but that “charity” is almost completely to his Mormon Church, which requires a tithe of ten percent from its membership. So that is not all voluntary, and in any case, giving “charity” solely to one’s church is not true charity, in the sense that he has shown no interest, with his vast wealth, to support good causes, as has Carter and Clinton, both far less wealthy than Romney.

And it is predictable that if Romney loses the Presidency, he will devote his life to his church and to the constant acquisition of wealth, as this is the trend of his life, not devoting time and effort to good causes, as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have done, and assuredly, that Barack Obama will do in his post Presidency!

Conservative Outrage Against Mitt Romney Over Reaction To Barack Obama Campaign Ad On Health Care An Indication Of The Nightmare Facing Romney If He, Somehow, Wins The Presidency!

A campaign ad by a group loyal to Barack Obama, describing the death of a woman who lost her health care under Bain Capital’s takeover and closing of a company her husband had worked for, is causing a literal nightmare for Mitt Romney.

An aide to Romney made the statement today that IF that woman had been in Massachusetts, she might not have died, because she would have had health care!

It is not clear if the aide flubbed in making that statement, or was authorized to do so by Mitt Romney, but it has caused a firestorm of conservative protest today!

Romney has been trying to deny that what was good for Massachusetts is good for the nation on health care, and has campaigned on getting rid of ObamaCare. Now this comment by his aide seems to suggest otherwise!

Rush Limbaugh sputtered when he heard of the comment by the Romney aide. Sean Hannity was angry, and Ann Coulter, a guest on his show was livid, and said why should conservatives campaign for Romney anymore, since he is as unreliable as John McCain was in 2008. Erick Erickson, a leading conservative blogger, also displayed anger and exasperation.

The reaction of these ideologues, in just a few hours after the statement by the Romney aide, is clearly a demonstration of what will happen regularly if Mitt Romney, somehow, wins the Presidency!

Romney will NOT have a day of rest or peace as President from his own party, much of it way to the far right of him!

Were Romney to win, he would be better off with a Democratic Congress, who he could use as a whipping boy when he runs for a second term, but at the same time, he could actually get something done, as he did with an 85 percent Democratic state legislature when he was Massachusetts Governor.

Mitt Romney is probably, secretly, hoping the Tea Party Movement and the far right evangelical Christian influence would just go away, but it will not, and that means a nightmare of massive proportions awaits him if he is elected President on November 6!

The Condoleezza Rice Boomlet: An Attempt To Take Attention Off Mitt Romney’s Problems With Bain Capital And Tax Issues!

This author has written before about the speculation that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice might be chosen by Mitt Romney to be his Vice Presidential running mate.

While Rice is a fascinating, intelligent, and super qualified candidate to be Vice President, and in theory, President of the United States, one would have to be drunk to believe she will be the nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President.

Rice has great foreign policy expertise, but would constantly be associated with the Iraq War, which was based on false information, and any connection with President George W. Bush right now would be toxic.

But also, it is certain that former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, both of whom often had major internal battles with her and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, would bitterly oppose her, were she on the short list for Vice President. There would be an internal battle within the party, since neoconservatives would be against her, while former President George H. W. Bush would strongly back her, but is pretty much ignored within the party apparatus, while gaining more and more respect and appreciation from the American people as he and his wife, Barbara, near 20 years since they left the White House!

Also, Rice is a socially moderate in a party which is not so, as she is pro choice on abortion, for affirmative action, and for gay rights. That makes her poisonous to evangelical Christians and Tea Party activists, who look down upon a bright woman with a mind, and willingness to speak up for what she believes in!

And underlying a lot of opposition to her is the fact of the thought of an African American woman being in line for the Presidency! What a horrifying thought to the hate mongers in the Republican Party who hate Barack Obama much more than they love America, and would allow the country to go down the tubes, rather than cooperate for the benefit of the millions of victims of the Great Recession brought about by the short sighted policies of the Bush Administration!

Besides all of the above, Condoleezza Rice has made it perfectly clear that running for office is not her thing, and she happens to like her life at Stanford University, including her freedom to speak out and write and be back in the life of the scholar! She would have to be totally crazy to give that up, particularly for a Presidential candidate who is fatally flawed, and loves power too much to wish to give influence to someone who actually is much smarter than him in so many ways!

So why is her name being floated again? The answer is to deflect attention off Mitt Romney’s problems with his lies about his association with Bain Capital, and his refusal to release multiple years of tax returns, which would create problems for him.

This is a man who has said publicly that he has paid all of the taxes required, and NOT ONE PENNY more!

God forbid that he put his country first, and show some patriotism, that his government is not the enemy that he must avoid paying taxes at all costs. He could never spend or utilize all of his vast fortune in his lifetime, or even in the lifetime of his five sons, but he has this obsessive need to keep on having MORE and MORE, and must have power, because he is a control freak who looks down on the American citizenry as people he “can fire” in order to cut government spending, and to enrich himself and his oligarchic class of one percenters!

Condoleezza Rice may be a critic of Barack Obama, but her reputation, already damaged by association with George W. Bush, would suffer further damage if she dared to associate with Mitt Romney, to the extent that she would agree to be his Vice Presidential running mate. Do not hold your breath, as this is NOT going to happen!

Is Mitt Romney A Pathological Liar?

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential nominee, is looking worse every day he is on the campaign trail.

Romney is demonstrating to millions of Americans that he has, sadly, what seems like a pathological liar syndrome!

He has “flip flopped” on every issue he has ever taken a stand on, since he first ran for public office in 1994 against Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, when he said he would be to the left of Kennedy on abortion and gay rights!

He told us “RomneyCare” was good for Massachusetts, but now wishes to obliterate “ObamaCare”, despite the fact that the Supreme Court has upheld it, and it has brought great benefits to millions of Americans, who would now lose those benefits!

Romney has refused to release any tax returns except for 2010, and has delayed submitting his 2011 taxes, even though his father, George Romney, had released 12 years of tax returns back in the 1960s, and EVERY other candidate for the Presidency, including recent GOP nominees John McCain and George W. Bush did so, and even potential running mate Tim Pawlenty, the former Minnesota Governor, did a complete vetting when considered for Vice President with John McCain in 2008!

Romney has sent a large portion of his massive fortune to accounts in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda (rather than the mistake of the author, who had previously said the Bahamas), and Switzerland, and refuses to release any information about those accounts

Romney refuses also to give more details about his years at Bain Capital, about his governorship in Massachusetts, and even denies remembering the bullying of a schoolmate in high school that others remember vividly! And he also thinks that putting a dog on the roof of an automobile for many hours while on a vacation trip is something that a dog, or any pet, would automatically love!

Romney’s body language reveals so much about him, and his failure to look people or the camera directly in the eye, also reveals that he is constantly lying!

Now there are reports, not yet proven, that he and his son Tagg MIGHT have been involved in a Ponzi scheme, which, even if not proved true, cannot surprise anyone who has watched him dart back and forth when answering questions, or making daily changes in his stand on issues!

One has to say: Is this what the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, TR, and Ike wants as the inheritor of their traditions and beliefs, which made the party a great institution historically?

Is this what the American people deserve–a conniving, open faced liar, who seems not even to know he is lying and covering up, since it seems pathological in nature?

One would have to worry about high level corruption under a Romney Presidency, since the top one percent would have a “field day”, with secretiveness, paranoia, and personal insecurity returning to the White House!

If this sounds like Richard Nixon returning, in many ways it would be, EXCEPT that Nixon, believe it or not, also had real PRINCIPLES mixed in with his faults and shortcomings,while Romney is just a very wealthy guy who wants power for power’s sake and to enrich his friends and his own pockets!

Now some might say, come on, ALL politicians are crooks, are self servers, are liars!

To which the answer is YES, MANY are, although not all! But there are levels of lying, and being self serving, and Mitt Romney is the true champion on the top of the heap in that regard!

America deserves better and can do better than Mitt Romney!

The Coming “Time Bomb” For Mitt Romney

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has avoided explaining his time in office as Governor of Massachusetts, and the poor economic record of that term from 2003-2007.

Mitt Romney has avoided explaining his record of “outsourcing” and “offshoring” during his 25 years at Bain Capital.

But now two more “bombshells” are about to hit him squarely in the eyes, and one wonders if he can avoid commenting on them, as he has on other sensitive matters.

One is his offshore accounts, his investments in the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, and Switzerland, therefore avoiding income taxes in America.

The other is the fact that he delayed his income tax returns for six months, but will have to file by October, and it is certain that again he will demonstrate a very low level of taxes, and a high level of income from his investments.

His refusal to comment on these various matters will harm him greatly, but then IF he tries to explain, he will probably contradict himself and hurt himself more as a “Flip Flopper” and a “Lie Master”!

Downsizing, Outsourcing, Offshoring: Mitt Romney’s Economic Plan!

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney loves to say he KNOWS how to run an economy and create jobs, but his record in Massachusetts as Governor from 2003-2007 shows otherwise, with one of the worst economic records as chief executive of that state.

Better to look at his record as the head of Bain Capital, where he was able to multiply his wealth to a quarter of a billion dollars by downsizing companies, outsourcing jobs, or what Romney calls offshoring jobs to other countries, and not giving a whit about the effect on thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of workers in various industries and companies.

Mitt Romney reminds many of their “boss”, and no one likes their “boss” enough to vote for him to do to America what he did in private enterprise.

The Obama campaign is exploiting this matter for all it is worth, and it is a deadly blow to the Romney campaign, as we do not want another Herbert Hoover, who was so rich and uncaring that he multiplied the disaster of the crash on Wall Street in 1929, bringing us Franklin D. Roosevelt!