Mormon Religion

Mitt Romney: The “Stealth” Candidate— We “Hardly Know Ye!”

Mitt Romney has turned out to be the “Stealth” candidate, who refuses to open up and tell us who he is!

After running for President twice, and being a public figure for two decades, we do NOT know much about the following areas of Mitt Romney’s life:

His Mormon religion
His activities at Bain Capital
His tax returns
His economic plan
His foreign policy views
His friends and associates
His plans if he became President

Mitt Romney is a total unknown, who leaves the impression that he is always changing his mind; is always secretive; is not interested in people as much as acquisition of wealth; has no concern for the average American; has no great knowledge or interest in the outside world; has no great intellectual thoughts on any subject; prefers to be accepted on face value, rather than open up; and is just, simply, not very likable.

These facts and traits about Mitt Romney is what will ultimately doom his candidacy this November!