Christianity And Science: The Pope Sets An Example!

Pope Benedict XVI spoke up yesterday in the Vatican in support of science and scientists, although he insisted that God created the universe!

This is a step forward by an important organized religion leader, and it should set a standard for other Christians to emulate!

Unfortunately, there are too many evangelical Christian sects who reject science, and preach a narrow view of religion which has, in the past, included a belief in slavery and racial segregation, and now includes anti gay rhetoric in many of these churches! 🙁

Even more unfortunate is the fact that many Republican and conservative politicians and talk show hosts have adopted an anti science view, including refusal to consider the validity of evolution and the reality of climate change and global warming!

There is no reason why one cannot believe in God, but also believe in science, and also see the evil of promoting hate and narrow mindedness in the name of God! Promoting ignorance and hate is a sacrilege in itself! 🙁

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