Day: October 18, 2010

Tea Party Outrages: More Evidence Of The Danger To The Reputation Of The US Senate! :(

In the last week, and accelerating in the past weekend, we have seen outrageous statements and actions by several Tea Party Movement candidates for the Senate, proving that they are loons who should not be given the dignity of being United States Senators! 🙁

Ken Buck of Colorado declared that gay people can be compared to alcoholics, which can be partly genetic but can be overcome by strong efforts to change, according to him!

Sharron Angle of Nevada said that many Hispanics can be seen as Asians, because she sees them as looking very similar!

Christine O’Donnell of Delaware said that she had evidence that China was an imminent threat to the United States, based on having traveled with a group to China in recent years!

Rand Paul of Kentucky refused to shake hands at the end of a debate with opponent Jack Conway, because Conway brought up that Paul was a member of a strange Christian sect in college that promoted women being tied up as part of a ritual!

Joe Miller of Alaska has “goons”, a privately employed security group, which detained, roughed up, and handcuffed a journalist for trying to ask Miller a question after a public appearance by the candidate! This brings back memories of Governor and Senator Huey Long of Louisiana who had a group of “brown shirts” in the 1930s, that made some compare him to Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler!

This is besides the reactionary, backward, anti democratic views that these men and women profess, which should, on its own, be enough to convince voters in their states that they would be undermining the image of their states if they were to award a six year stint in the Senate to these wing nuts! 🙁

And while the Senate certainly has its embarrassments in some of its members, the damage that could be done by the election of Tea Party candidates would be massive! 🙁

The Democrats’ “Secret Weapon” For The Midterm Election: First Lady Michelle Obama! :)

With only a couple of weeks left until the midterm elections, the Democrats are bringing out their “big guns”–President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama!

The President is becoming effective as he finally becomes deeply involved in the campaign to help keep the Senate Democratic controlled, and to help gubernatorial candidates or office holders around the nation!

But First Lady Michelle Obama is much more the “secret weapon” than her husband, considering her public opinion ratings are 20 points higher–65 to 45! 🙂

If the Democrats keep control and win races that many thought were unlikely, it will be due to the Obamas, and particularly, Michelle, visiting key states!

Yesterday, in Columbus, Ohio, the husband and wife drew 35,000 people, including many young people, and minorities, which are crucial to the Democrats’ hopes!

If the Obama coalition of 2008 comes out, the Democrats will stop the Tea Party Movement and the GOP from taking the country backward in so many ways!

The CNN Top 100 House Races In Play!

CNN has come up with a list of 100 House of Representatives seats that the network believes are in play in this fall’s election!

The list includes 90 Democratic held seats, with 15 of them being open seats, while 10 seats are held by Republicans, with 4 of them being open seats!

50 seats are thought to be most vulnerable, while 50 seats are races to watch! Four Republican seats are seen as most vulnerable, which if all went Democratic, would require the GOP to gain 43 Democratic seats instead of 39, in order to control the chamber. Of course, if all ten GOP seats were to switch, it would require 49 seats to be gained by the Republicans from the Democrats in order to gain control of the House.

More than normal interest in the House of Representatives exists because it could create a dramatic change in Congress if that chamber went Republican, while the Senate remained Democratic, which seems at this point more and more likely!

Never has the House of Representatives switched over without the Senate also switching, so this would be an historic election were it to happen!