Day: October 23, 2010

Americans And Economic Reality: Emotion And Lack Of Knowledge Wins Out Over Rationality! :(

The American people are poorly informed about major policy issues, as shown in public opinion polls, and many of them tend to vote, therefore, on emotion and instinct, rather than knowledge and reality.

That is certainly true about the economy. Of course, economic conditions are terrible, with growing numbers of foreclosures, and slow job creation. So people listen to propaganda that if nothing had been done by government in the past 21 months, that somehow, magically, the economy would have recovered!

That is totally preposterous, of course! The belief of many is that the government bailing out the banks, insurance companies and the auto industry is a major ripoff, that will cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars, which is totally wrong, as much of it has been repaid, and the government will actually make a profit on it, despite all the propaganda!

The belief that the economic stimulus package is a failure is also a myth, as it has clearly prevented a horrible economy from becoming an even worse situation, known as the Great Depression Number Two, with much higher unemployment than the nearly ten percent we have now!

The belief that taxes have gone up is another myth, as everyone received a tax cut on their withholding, instead of an actual check from the government, but it is still a tax cut!

The fact that unemployment compensation and food stamps exist to help those in trouble is blamed for higher deficits, but is the alternative to have people starving and homeless without any income or food at all? The use of such safety nets is expected when unemployment surges!

The economic reality is that you cannot reverse damage done by the Republicans overnight! It will take YEARS, no matter if the Republicans or the Democrats control the national government, but the threat is that it will become much worse if the stated intentions of the Tea Party Movement and the Republican Party are actually put into play!

It is a certainty that if they follow through and somehow are able to overcome President Obama’s veto, which fortunately seems unlikely, that the economy will be FAR WORSE than it is now, by the time of the 2012 Presidential Election!

If that is so, the GOP will be thrown out, and again we will be on the merry go round of blame–and Barack Obama will be able to make the GOP the enemy as Harry Truman did in 1948 and Bill Clinton did in 1996!

But meanwhile, because of the refusal of the American people to understand economic reality, and to allow emotion and lack of knowledge to overcome rationality, more and more people of all backgrounds will suffer under the collapsed economy that was on its way to recovery BEFORE the midterm elections of 2010! 🙁

Average Americans Are Being Exploited By The Tea Party, Which Is Funded By The Elite Wealthy! :(

The Tea Party Movement is based on anger and frustration at the power of the elite on Wall Street, and yet who is behind the movement, funding it furiously in recent days through the Chamber of Commerce, which represents powerful corporations which want to end the new regulations imposed on them by the Obama Administration? The WEALTHY CORPORATIONS THEMSELVES! 🙁

And who is running for office as Tea Party favorites, out to stoke the fires of anger against Barack Obama? THE WEALTHY from the corporate world, including those mentioned in a previous blog entry this week: Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Carl Paladino, Rick Scott, Linda McMahon, Ron Johnson, John Raese! 🙁

Do these people have any interest in helping resolve the issues facing common folk Americans who are losing jobs and homes? Do they give a damn about the struggles of the middle class or the poor? Do they wish to resolve the issues of regulation of banks and Wall Street to prevent a future economic collapse? Do they have any concern about the health care of millions of Americans? Do they care about the struggles of college students, minorities, women, low wage workers, ordinary Americans bilked by credit card companies, and other victimized groups and individuals? NO! 🙁

Do talk show hosts such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and others really care about the struggles of every day life when they are multimilliionaires from backing the corporate classes? NO! 🙁

Why are so many average Americans unable to see that the enemy is those who are bankrolling the commercials and raising money to defeat all attempts at reform by a President who is trying to help them, but cannot be expected with the opposition forces that stand in his way, to succeed in 21 months, after eight years of corruption and scandals and profiteering under George W. Bush?

It may be that the only thing that will convince them is to give the plutocrats power and see how conditions become even worse than they are now! Maybe people have to be burned and punished further to get the message across that to return to the past failures and give power back to the corporations that caused this economic mess and national debt is total suicide! 🙁