Day: October 7, 2010

Meg Whitman, Lou Dobbs, And Illegal Immigration! :(

Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for Governor of California, has used illegal immigration as a campaign issue, and now has been shown to have employed illegal immigrants for many years, and underpaid them, and mistreated them, showing she is a hypocrite! 🙁

Lou Dobbs, former talk show host and analyst at CNN, and now only on radio, has long railed against illegal immigration in a demagogic way, and now the Huffington Post reports that Dobbs has employed illegal immigrants and exploited them, as well as showing lack of respect for them as individuals! 🙁

Isn’t this interesting? Wealthy arrogant people, such as Whitman and Dobbs, exploit immigrants who are just trying to improve their lives, and then attack them after having benefited from their services, and treat them like dirt! 🙁

What does this tell us about both Whitman and Dobbs, as well as many other wealthy and powerful people who are quietly and secretly doing the same thing, and giving illegal immigrants the same treatment?

It tells us that they are despicable, disgraceful human beings, who lie through their teeth, have no regard for human dignity, and should be repudiated by NOT voting for them for public office, and boycotting them if they are media people who promote hate and division in the quest for greed and materialism!

If a person treats those less fortunate in a degrading way, that is the true measure of their character, and they should be roundly condemned by all decent people! 🙁

Year Ten Of The Afghanistan War Begins! :(

The tenth year of the Afghanistan War begins today, and marks this war as the longest in American history! 🙁

What has nine years of fighting in that nation, which has never been overtaken by foreigners–including Alexander The Great, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union–accomplished?

The answer is NOTHING, except the loss of more than a thousand men, many thousands wounded, hundreds of billion of dollars invested in a war, which is nowhere near being won! 🙁

The Afghan government is corrupt, and is now negotiating with the enemy, the Taliban, and the danger of terrorism in European nations and the United States is heightened by NATO’s military campaigns, which are killing civilians and turning the mass of the population against the West!

This is a war that Barack Obama should be ending, but instead he is allowing conservatives and Republicans who are only too willing to waste money on foreign war but ignore domestic needs, to manipulate him so that he does not look weak!

Obama needs to take a strong stand and withdraw US forces in 2011 and 2012, and the opposition to such a move be damned!

So much needs to be done at home, and we need to secure our own borders and stop trying to conquer a nation that is impossible to take over and control with ground troops!

President Obama, on this ninth anniversary of this terrible war, it is time to bring the troops home!