Day: October 3, 2010

Record Gap Between Rich And Poor In Census Bureau Report–What Should Be Done About It?

The United States is now witnessing the greatest gap between rich and poor in the history of record keeping since the 1960s!

The top 20 percent of Americans, earning more than $100,000 a year, had nearly 50 percent of all income, compared with 3.4 percent earned by those considered poor, about 14.5 percent. This nation has the greatest difference in this regard of any Western industrialized nation!

Young adults 18-34, who have lesser skills, are being ignored by employers who prefer higher skilled, more motivated older adults. This is a major crisis for the long run, as to how these people are to function in society in the long run! 🙁

The poverty rate for a family of four in 2009 is just below $22,000 a year! Meanwhile, the top five percent earn more than $180,000 a year!

The Great Recession has, of course, worsened these income statistics, and it is hard to imagine any great turnaround at any point in the near future! 🙁

The question is what should be done by government about this horrible gap, which has been exacerbated by the Republican control of Congress from 1994-2006, and the eight years of the Bush II Administration!

If the decision is to do nothing, a conservative viewpoint, how much worse can it become without a violent reaction? One has to wonder! 🙁

Progressive Rally Promotes Involvement And Commitment To Goals Of Jobs, Education, And Justice!

An estimated crowd of 175,000 people showed up at yesterday’s One Nation Working Together rally on the Washington Mall, to promote support for the progressive goals of jobs, education, and justice!

To many observers, it seemed that Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally drew more people on August 28, although CBS News estimated that crowd at 87,000, as compared to Beck’s belief that 500,000 showed up at his rally!

In any case, it was obvious that the progressive rally, promoted by talk show host Ed Schultz of MSNBC,  drew a wide variety of groups, committed to progressive goals and wishing to rally people to vote next month so that the Democrats keep power in the House of Representatives and Senate!

With one month to go, the emphasis has to be on overcoming apathy and convincing those who supported Barack Obama in 2008, including young people, minorities, and independents, to be involved, and to understand the importance of voting to keep the Obama agenda alive and kicking!