Day: October 12, 2010

The Copiapo Copper Mine Rescue In Chile: A Repudiation Of Rand Paul’s Libertarian, Anti Government Lunacy!

The whole world is gripped by the rescue that has begun of the 33 copper miners who have been stranded underground for ten weeks in Chile, and the realization that Chile has no regulation of the conditions of its miners! This crisis is a call on Chile, an advanced country compared to most in Latin America and the world at large, to accept the responsibility of its government to change its attitude on this matter!

But it is also a repudiation of Tea Party favorite and Republican Senate nominee Rand Paul of Kentucky, with his assertion that the federal and state governments should not be meddling in the conditions of coal miners, whether in Kentucky, where they are not unionized, or elsewhere, where some mining operations are unionized. Paul is upset that, in all cases, there is federal oversight of mines!

We have seen so many accidents and tragedies in coal mining and other mining operations in the recent past, as well as in the long run of American history!

For someone running for the Senate to assert that federal oversight is unnecessary, and that unionization is interference with the free market, makes one wonder what kind of lunatic Rand Paul is!

A man with such anarchistic views, who does not give a damn about the lives and safety of coal miners and other miners, and wants to leave their condition in the hands of mine operators alone, should be denounced!

If Kentucky elects Rand Paul to the Senate in three weeks, with such outrageous views on his part, it can be said that the state will gain the reputation of being one of the most backward states of the Union! The proper reaction would be to say “Shame on you!” 🙁

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repealed By Federal District Court Judge :)

A Federal District Court judge has finally taken action that may mean the end of discrimination against gays in the military!

Immediate end of use of the practice was decreed, subject to a 60 day period of appeal, but meanwhile all action against gay soldiers is banned during the appeal period!

It is doubtful that the Obama Administration will take any action to appeal this action, as the 60 day period of appeal coincides with the return of the Congress after the midterm elections, and gives the Senate the opportunity to repeal the law, already agreed to by the House of Representatives earlier this year!

There may still be opposition in elements of the military services, and among Republicans in the Senate, but it is hoped that a few Republicans will do the right thing and join the Democrats in completion of the necessary repeal of the law passed under President Clinton in 1993, an act that has caused the loss of many thousands of dedicated, highly trained soldiers who were drummed out of the military because of their sexuality!

With most European countries and Israel and Canada having abandoned discrimination and adjusting to gays in the military, it is the right time now to finish what this Federal District Court judge has courageously done today!