Day: October 25, 2010

This Is NOT The Time For Gay Voters To Stay Home Because Of Anger At Obama!

Apparently, many gay voters are considering staying home and not casting a ballot in the Midterm Elections of 2010.

This is a big mistake, as despite disappointment at Obama for the slow pace of change on the issue of gay rights, staying home will only help the Republican party to gain more power, and they are not the party that is interested in promoting change on the issue of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military or gay marriage and other issues of importance to the gay community.

The fact that Obama’s Justice Department has challenged the district court decision on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is simply a strategic issue, as Obama has made it clear he wants that policy changed.

The problem is that Congress passed that law during the Clinton Administration, and it must be repealed by Congress to accomplish the goal of no more discrimination in the military.

If the GOP gains control in either house, the whole issue could be dropped, while Obama hopes to solve the issue during the lame duck session of Congress in November and December.

The pace of change is slow, but voting Democratic is the best way to bring about change. Failure to vote could doom the whole issue for a long time!