The Democrats’ “Secret Weapon” For The Midterm Election: First Lady Michelle Obama! :)

With only a couple of weeks left until the midterm elections, the Democrats are bringing out their “big guns”–President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama!

The President is becoming effective as he finally becomes deeply involved in the campaign to help keep the Senate Democratic controlled, and to help gubernatorial candidates or office holders around the nation!

But First Lady Michelle Obama is much more the “secret weapon” than her husband, considering her public opinion ratings are 20 points higher–65 to 45! 🙂

If the Democrats keep control and win races that many thought were unlikely, it will be due to the Obamas, and particularly, Michelle, visiting key states!

Yesterday, in Columbus, Ohio, the husband and wife drew 35,000 people, including many young people, and minorities, which are crucial to the Democrats’ hopes!

If the Obama coalition of 2008 comes out, the Democrats will stop the Tea Party Movement and the GOP from taking the country backward in so many ways!

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