Barack Obama And Recognition Of Science!

President Obama should be applauded for emphasizing the significance and importance of science, which was downgraded by George W. Bush during his years in the Presidency, and continues to be repudiated by most Republicans today, who deny that climate change or global warming is occurring, and also deny the validity of Darwin’s theory of evolution!

As part of his promotion of science, Obama held a Science Fair at the White House on Monday to give recognition to the contributions of scientific research!

He pointed out that we give respect and attention to athletes who perform great deeds, and that the White House has for many years held public ceremonies for the World Series champions in Major League Baseball, the Super Bowl champions in Football, the NBA champions is Basketball, and the Stanley Cup champions in Hockey.

So why not give equal recognition to young people in the field of science, which affects our lives for the better and for the long run?

The life of the mind, indeed, needs as much, if not more, respect and honors, which we already give to sports!

Thank you, Mr. President, for taking America forward, and overcoming the ignorance of George W. Bush and much of the membership of the GOP!

One comment on “Barack Obama And Recognition Of Science!

  1. Chris October 20, 2010 10:13 am

    All I have to say about this is I’m glad we finally have the president who knows that science is our future if we want to remain a world power! Hopefully now he will work on getting us back to #1 in math and science again where we should be. This is the greatest country and it is time for our education system to reflect that.

    Obama will be on the daily show the 27th to talk about this subject.

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