Congressional Candidate Ben Quayle: A “Chip Off The Old Block”! :(

Ben Quayle is a Republican Congressional candidate in Arizona who has issued a political commercial stating that Barack Obama is the worst President in American history, and that the drug cartels in Mexico and the “tax cartels” in Washington, DC, have a lot in common! He also says that he, Ben Quayle, was brought up right!

So you might say, so what? Well, understand that Ben Quayle is the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, arguably the absolutely worst Vice President in history, under George H. W. Bush from 1989-1993!

During those years, the country had to be concerned about the competence of our Vice President, who came across as ignorant, foolish, and someone to fear possibly becoming President!

Quayle is best remembered for misspelling “potato”; criticizing a television show (“Murphy Brown”); comparing himself to John F. Kennedy (which led VP opponent Lloyd Bentsen to say that Quayle “was no Jack Kennedy”); stating that he wished he had studied Latin so he could understand Latin America; asserting that he wished the Middle East was like the Middle West; and alarming the nation when President Bush had medical issues, concerning all Americans as to the thought of what if Quayle became President!

Dan Quayle lost all credibility as Vice President, and totally flopped when he tried to win the Republican Presidential nomination in 1996! He was the constant butt of jokes, including that his wife, Marilyn, was so much smarter and brighter than he was!

Now his son is running for Congress on the family name, and has already had problems, including posing two children in a campaign commercial implying they are his, when he has no children; and denying that he had written on a salacious website in Scottsdale, Arizona, and then having to admit that he had done so a few years ago!

So was he brought up “right” , when he has lied twice already, and has the gall to claim after 18 months that our President is the worst ever? Does this man have good judgment, or is he clearly very honest? šŸ™

You make the judgment, but whatever you decide, we may be blessed with another Quayle in public office–more mediocrity, as if there was not enough in Congress already! šŸ™

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