Day: August 31, 2010

The Latest Gallup Poll: An Electoral Armageddon For The Democrats? :(

The Gallup poll results reported today are an alarm bell for Democrats across the nation, particularly in the House of Representatives!

Asking voters whether they will favor a generic Republican or a generic Democrat, the result today is a ten point lead, 51 to 41 percent, the greatest margin in the history of Gallup polling! It indicates a possible massive swing of support to the GOP in November, with some observers predicting a gain of as many as 60 seats in the House of Representatives, with only 39 needed for GOP control! 🙁

There are still nine weeks to turn this situation around, but it seen as an electoral “Armageddon” for Democrats, with the major problem being the lack of enthusiasm by liberals and Democrats to go out to the polls this fall, while the level of interest in voting is very high for Republicans!

Also, Independents seem to be very unhappy with the situation that exists, and therefore, seem to favor voting for the Republicans as a protest vote to demonstrate their dissatisfaction!

The question that arises is why so many people seem to have no problem that the Republican party has no agenda, except to repeal the past two years! The party offers no new ideas, and yet it seems as if many Americans have amnesia as to what caused the nation to be in such a economic free fall these past three years! 🙁

It is almost as if it is just a question of dissatisfaction, and a resultant “throw the rascals out!” reaction, without careful thought as to why one would wish to return to failed policies in place of giving a real trial to the Obama agenda! 🙁

So the future seems grim, but Democrats MUST mount a national campaign, and fight with vigor to get the message out to the American people!

While there can be a sense of defeatism at this point, the effort MUST be made to convince Independents, liberals and progressives, and registered Democrats to get out there and work for the party and vote, as despite gloomy predictions, polls have been wrong in the past, and it is not yet a “fait accompli”!

Or as the saying goes, “It ain’t over till it’s over!”

Barack Obama, Commander In Chief: Reluctant Warrior!

As Barack Obama speaks to the nation this evening, commemorating the end of the combat phase of the war in Iraq after seven years and six months, there remains uncertainty about the future of that nation, and continued concern about the war in Afghanistan, and the expansion of actions against terrorism in Pakistan and Yemen!

Obama entered the Presidency with two wars to deal with, along with all of the other burdens regarding the economic recession, and the interest in reforming health care and other parts of his domestic agenda!

He had to adjust to the military culture, and the reality that many in the military and the defense structure were not thrilled by his ascendancy!

As he decided to escalate the war in Afghanistan, and to use drones in Pakistan and utilize intelligence operations in Yemen, he received the criticism of liberals and Democrats who wanted him to get out of the war! But at the same time, Republicans and conservatives have remained skeptical about his long range commitment to the war on terror!

Obama was smart to lean on and rely on Defense Secretary Robert Gates and General David Petraeus, and they both were very willing to assist him in difficult moments!

Obama has been described as a “reluctant warrior”, who felt the burden of the wars, and felt oppressed by the deaths of soldiers and the massive injuries many young war veterans have suffered!

It is clear he would prefer to be remembered as a domestic President who brought major reforms, and it is hoped that he will work to prevent what President Dwight D. Eisenhower called the “military industrial complex” from overtaking the purposes of his Presidency!

This is a time to wish him the best as he faces tough decisions on the future of our military operations as the Presidential election nears over the next two years!