Day: August 21, 2010

Democratic Party Strategy Against The Republican Party: Finally Playing Hardball! :)

The Democratic National Committee has finally decided to play “Hardball” against the opposition Republicans, something they have been lacking in for many years, going back to the time of Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, and John Kerry!

The Republicans have never had any problems with setting out to destroy the opposition, showing no ethics in their attacks on Democratic opponents at every level up to the Presidency! Now the DNC has decided to make clear to voters that there is a direct connection between the Tea Party Movement fringe and the GOP, so much so that at many rallies, the Republicans stand by as Tea Party extremists use racist, anti semitic language, and promote hate and division as they seek to repeal much of the Constitution and set back progress!

The message of the DNC will be that the GOP is linked to these anti government fanatics, and are outside the mainstream with candidates such as Rand Paul and Sharron Angle, along with other Tea Party favorites around the nation who have captured the local control of the Republican Party!

Tea Party extremists have called for the end of Medicare, repeal of the Obama Health Care legislation, privatizing of Social Security, extension of the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy, repealing the 17th Amendment and the 16th Amendment, modification of the 14th Amendment to take away birthright citizenship, abolition of the Department of Education and the Department of Energy, and the destruction of the Environmental Protection Agency! 🙁

It is hilarious that the chairman of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, Senator John Cornyn of Texas, is now asserting that the Democrats are promoting the “politics of fear”!

The Republican Party has long been the party of fear, a master of using scare tactics going back many years, including the years of Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s! Who are they to use that term against the Democrats, when the GOP is the master of distortion of the truth, lies, deception, and character assassination! 🙁

The Republicans have done everything in recent months to show the American people that they are willing to do and say anything, no matter how divisive and manipulative it is, to regain power and do the bidding of the corporations and the wealthy! 🙁

Under the circumstances, the Democrats have no choice but to respond in kind, as regrettable as that is! It would be preferable to have an honest, sincere debate of differences, but the playing field does not allow that! So, as the old saying goes, “what is good for the goose, is good for the gander!”

Joe Biden’s Prediction For The Midterm Elections: Control Of Congress Assured!

Vice President Joe Biden gave a “pep talk” to the Democratic National Committee yesterday, predicting that the party would retain control of both houses of Congress in the November 2 midterm elections!

Smartly, he did not give any numbers as to the party balance, and did not state that the party would retain the same number of seats, as that would be foolhardy, when one looks at the history of midterm elections!

But he pointed out that the Republican party has offered no real alternatives other than “repeal and repeat”, and that the American people, going through the roughest time since the Great Depression, would come to their senses after Labor Day, and realize that slow progress has been made, and it makes no sense to go back to the failed policies of the George W. Bush years, which led to this economic disaster!

The Tea Party activists running on the GOP line will weaken the party, Biden predicted, and with all of the propaganda going around that the Democrats are going to lose many seats, it is a fact, well known and reported, that the Republican National Committee is running low on campaign funds, while the Democrats are in much better financial shape!

So the media reports that are widespread, making it seem as if the Democrats are in retreat, may not be the case, as the author feels! But, of course, it is essential that all who believe that a return of the Republicans to control of Congress would be devastating, to get out there and work for the party and vote!