Day: August 8, 2010

Two Economists Agree: Obama Prevented A Depression!

In the heated political climate that now exists in Washington, DC, the truth often is lost, and propaganda wins out, but in late July, a report by two economists proved something very significant: that the actions of President Obama in the past year really made a difference, and prevented a depression and deflation!

According to these two esteemed economists, one connected to Princeton University and the Federal Reserve, and the other to Moody’s, the gross domestic product would be 6.5 percent lower; there would be 8.5 million fewer jobs on top of the 8 million loss that has occurred; and the economy would be experiencing deflation, something unheard of since the times of Herbert Hoover!

The TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) begun by George W. Bush and continued by Barack Obama, and the economic stimulus program promoted by Obama made a REAL difference, and it is time that this be understood and accepted, and also applauded!

But in the midst of the election campaign for Congress and the governorships this fall, truth is likely to be a victim, as impatient people want immediate resolution of the economic crisis! What they fail to understand is that IF the Republican party had been in power and refused to do everything that Obama proposed, we would be in far worse shape!

The Republicans have not come up with any alternative, but if they win control of Congress, the American people will discover that there are no magic potions, and they will soon realize that they have made a mistake in switching party control to the GOP! 🙁

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jerry Brown Call For Gay Marriages To Resume In California NOW!

Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic candidate for Governor Jerry Brown (also a former Governor and present Attorney General) of California have called upon the federal district judge who declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional to allow the restart of gay marriage in the state!

The argument is that if the judge believes gay men and women are being denied equality under the law as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, then there should be no delay in resuming gay marriage, leaving it up to the higher federal courts to later ban it, if that were to happen!

The call by Schwarzenegger and Brown will likely push faster action by the circuit courts, and will probably lead to the Proposition 8 matter reaching the Supreme Court level much sooner, possibly in the new term of the Court due to begin in October and go through June of 2011!

It is hard to imagine that the Supreme Court will be able to evade this controversial subject, or refuse to consider it, so it seems very probable that the year 2011 will be a path breaking year on gay rights, not only in regard to gay marriage, but also the soon to be ended “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy affecting the military!