Day: August 25, 2010

John McCain Survives, But Has He Lost His Dignity And Principles? Sadly, Yes! :(

Arizona Senator John McCain, the GOP Presidential nominee in 2008, has successfully won his party’s nomination for a fifth term, overcoming Tea Party favorite, former Congressman and talk show host J. D. Hayworth by an overwhelming margin!

McCain spent more than $20 million in his renomination campaign, but in the process he lost his dignity and his principles! 🙁

McCain, always seen as an independent type maverick, had stood for campaign finance reform, for a fair immigration reform, and for climate change legislation, among other areas of courageous policy stands over the years! He was proud to call himself a maverick, and loved defying the establishment Republicans much of the time!

But he totally abandoned everything he had ever promoted, in the heat of the renomination contest, and became a shell of his old self! 🙁

In the process, he disillusioned many people who had seen him as unique and special, and now realize he has no principles except his own ego being stroked by holding a Senate seat at an age when he well might have decided to retire and spend time with his family!

The image of Senator John McCain has been damaged for good, and even if he reverts back to his old self as a maverick, which J. D. Hayworth has predicted, and is certainly possible, he will never be seen in the same light again!

Ambition and ego have won out over dignity and principle, and that is a sad commentary on the American political system! 🙁