Day: August 10, 2010

Sad News: Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens Dead In Small Plane Crash! :(

Former Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, the longest serving Republican Senator in US History with 39 years in office (1969-2009), was killed last night in a small plane crash in a remote area of his home state! 🙁

Stevens was President Pro Tempore of the Senate when his party controlled the Congress from 2003-2007, and was the seventh longest serving member of the Senate in its history!

While the center of controversy over a corruption trial, where he was found not guilty in 2008, and infamous for earmarks, particularly the “Bridge To Nowhere” in Alaska, Stevens had a major impact on the 49th State, and will be mourned greatly by his state’s citizens!

Stevens was 86 years old when he was killed, and just by his longevity, will stand out in Senate history!

This is just the latest of tragic small plane crashes, including the one that killed Congressman Hale Boggs of Louisiana, the father of Cokie Roberts of ABC News, who must be having an unpleasant reminder of the disappearance of her father in 1971 in Alaska! At least, Stevens’ body will be available for burial, which is some solace!

Other small plane crashes have claimed the lives of other senators, including H. J. Heinz of Pennsylvania, John Tower of Texas, and Paul Wellstone of Minnesota! Also, John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife and sister in law were killed in a small plane crash!

It makes one wonder why anyone is willing to fly in a small plane with only one engine, although the author has to admit that in the distant past, he did the same thing, and while up in flight, wondered why he was doing it! LOL

In any case, this is a time to mourn a man, who while being controversial, and often described as nasty and arrogant at times, deserves our respect for his long career, at this time of his tragic passing! 🙁