Education Funding And Lending Being Held Up By GOP In Senate

The Republicans in the Senate are at it again, blocking funding and lending legislation for education, with their ability to demand a super majority of 60 votes for any legislation to be considered.

The Obama Administration is attempting to have the Education Department take over student lending from private banks, which they estimate would save over $80 billion over the next ten years, with that money being utilized for community college expansion, early childhood education, more student lending, and other programs.

A decision is needed in time for the new academic year lending, which starts July 1, but the Republicans are insisting that the private banks be kept in the program, even though it costs students a lot more interest on their loans.

This is another example of how the threat of the filibuster is stifling action in the Senate, and is being utilized in an irresponsible way by the minority party. Reconciliation, requiring only 51 votes, may have to be attempted on this, as well as the health care legislation to stop the bottleneck of a minority party determined to prevent any action or accomplishments by the President of the other party. It is indeed an infuriating situation! 🙁

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