Kansas Abortion Trial Has Rapid, Proper Result!

The decision of a Kansas jury to convict the killer of an abortion doctor took only 37 minutes, and it should have taken five minutes!

Scott Roeder, an anti abortion fanatic who felt he had the right to kill an abortion doctor, George Tiller, because he personally opposes abortion, is a heinous act that should be punished by life imprisonment without parole, nothing less!

Many people are morally opposed to the concept of abortion, and that can be understood, but like it or not, it is a legal procedure permitted by the Supreme Court in Roe V. Wade in 1973.

If that decision was ever to be reversed, which is highly unlikely, abortions would still take place, but cause more pregnant women to die unnecessarily. Whether one agrees or disagrees with abortion, no one has the right to use his or her opposition to justify acts of violence!

This quick decision, hopefully, will deter future such crimes from occurring.

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