The Wrong Public Perception Of Barack Obama

A new poll indicates a deficit of 65 points in the view of Barack Obama after one year in office, when comparing Democrats (88 percent support) and Republicans (23 percent support). This is an all time high for any modern President, more than for Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush.

Another poll shows that two thirds of the American people feel that Obama has given too much attention to the banks and Wall Street as compared to the one third who feel that the middle class has been given proper attention.

So if you go by these polls and the perception that is created, Barack Obama after one year is more polarizing than Bill Clinton or George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan ever was. But this is based on a wrong public perception and ignorance on the part of the American people.

What they don’t understand is that if Obama had not given attention to the banks and Wall Street, as unpopular as that might be, we would be in a Great Depression Number 2 instead of a Great Recession. Few seem to appreciate what that means, but if we had done nothing as a nation to help the elite, then the effect on us, the masses, would have been far worse.

None of the Presidents mentioned above, and none really since Franklin D. Roosevelt, have faced an economic crisis quite on the level of Barack Obama. He IS trying to deal with the middle class problems, as well as the poor, but the basic foundation of the economy must first be dealt with before anything done for the masses will work.

A better job of educating the American people is needed, and also, the gap in the two political parties’ feelings about any President needs to move beyond partisanship, as there is no excuse for such a small percentage of Republicans being supportive. What about the idea of patriotism and willingness to sacrifice an element of partisanship to back the President, whoever he is, in facing hard times, but unfortunately, the GOP today is willing to just play politics rather than do what is right for the American people! It is not flattering to have an opposition party so unwilling to do their part to promote economic recovery and what is important for the middle class.

We are involved in a war on the economic recession, and it should promote support as much as the fact that we are involved in a war against terrorism!

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