Sarah Palin’s Debut As Political Pundit On Fox News Channel

Former Alaska Governor and former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin this week made her debut as a political pundit on Fox News Channel, and it was truly an embarrassment big time! 🙁

Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity gushed all over her, showering her with praise as she sat there and said nothing of substance.

When she was asked about the criticisms by Steve Schmidt, a McCain operative, that she did know anything about any issue, such as why there is a North Korea and South Korea, her answer was to say that the American people did not care about such petty issues, which means she was saying correctly that many of the American people, much more than should be, had no clue on that or other issues. But does that make her ignorance acceptable for a potential President? To just dismiss it so easily shows what the problem is with Sarah Palin. She is totally oblivious on everything!

To say in the interview with Katie Couric that she reads “all” the newspapers and magazines and fail to name any is not acceptable. To answer when asked on Fox News Channel who her favorite “Founding Father” was, that it was “all of them” is also not acceptable, as she fails to indicate any knowledge of the topic.

It was easy for Sarah Palin to sit there as all three talk show hosts on Fox heaped praise on her, and made it easy for her. And when asked how she felt about being there with Bill O’Reilly, her answer was that she felt she was fortunate to be on the same set with “the big man on campus”! What a ridiculous and embarrassing performance, to say the least! 🙁

As many have pointed out, the more that Palin is criticized, the more it seems that her base raves about her. That may be so, but if it translates into “Know Nothings” electing her President, then the nation is in dire danger, as Ignorance and Narrow Mindedness will have taken over the Presidency, making George W. Bush seem intellectual!

One comment on “Sarah Palin’s Debut As Political Pundit On Fox News Channel

  1. Chris January 17, 2010 11:11 pm

    Sarah Palins debut on fox was an embarressment but what is worse is that a person that is so oblivious to the issues occuring in our country both foreign and domestic can be so influencial. I have heard people speak of Sarah Palin as if she has been treated unfairly but this is not the case. The simple policy questions that she is asked a student in highschool should be able to answer. With all the court cases in our country’s history she can’t even name one other than Roe V. Wade. If Sarah Palin is considered a role model for girls today like I have heard on numerous occasions on fox news then this country is heading down a road that I wish to never see.

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