Kudos To Dr. Sanjay Gupta Of CNN For His Courage And Dedication To Duty!

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the Medical Correspondent for CNN, should be hailed and celebrated for his courage and dedication to duty in the Haitian Earthquake disaster.

UN doctors were told to leave because of security problems, leaving their patients, many of them just gone through surgery, absolutely without anyone to take care of them, except for Dr. Gupta, who was reporting the situation, and decided, with threat to himself certainly possible, to stay and tend to all of the patients overnight, going without sleep, but refusing to abandon the people who, without him, would have been left totally alone.

Dr. Gupta truly followed the Hippocratic Oath, while those UN doctors failed to meet their responsibilities, no matter what they were told to do. One should NEVER leave patients untended, but these men and women were unwilling to sacrifice possible danger to do their duty, while Dr. Gupta took his chances, but demonstrated just how much of a great professional and human being he is!

One comment on “Kudos To Dr. Sanjay Gupta Of CNN For His Courage And Dedication To Duty!

  1. anonymous January 16, 2010 10:13 pm

    Saving lives is a heroic adventure no matter the circumstance, Dr. Gupta is certainly a hero. All doctors that entered the Haiti were and are courageous, leaving the scene mid-treatment is not ideal but how can a doctor help the wounded if they are wounded as well? The UN had their reasons to requests the doctors to leave, until the exact reasons are known i am not sure it is possible to pass accurate judgment.
    Humanitarian aide is needed and important but precautions must be taken. This particular situation is sad but one can only do what they are comfortable with. If the doctors really wanted to stay they would have defied orders, so they must have perceived the UN to be justified in their concerns.
    If no more support is offered then i feel that fingers could be pointed, but not until a latter date.

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