Day: October 23, 2009

An Absolutely Whacko Idea: Roger Ailes Of Fox News Running for President?

Roger Ailes, the founder, President and CEO of Fox News Channel, and a former media adviser to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, and Rudy Guiliani has been rumored today to be considering running for President of the United States!

This is even more nutty than the thought of Sarah Palin running for President! Ailes is a totally destructive, negative figure who has poisoned the American political atmosphere with his propaganda station which passes as news for a few million delusional watchers!

He is so right wing that it is hard to even see him fitting on the political spectrum with any political figure except maybe for the right wing talk show hosts on radio, the lackeys on his station who claim to be journalists, plus Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann, and such propagandists as Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham.

Ailes is also already 69 years of age, and would be close to 73 by the time he would take the oath of President in January 2013. He has spent his career dividing people and sowing chaos and anarchy, and even the thought that this propagandist would run is terrifying.

Thankfully, he has already brought the rumor balloon down to earth, stating that his mission is to continue to promote “news” on Fox News Channel. This is true propaganda which, unfortunately, manages to mislead a few million misguided souls! 🙁

Joe Biden Says About Dick Cheney: “Who Cares?” A Great Response!

Vice President Joe Biden has made it perfectly clear that former Vice President Dick Cheney’s attack on President Obama’s careful reconsideration of Afghanistan policy is something to be ignored, saying “Who cares?”

That is the exactly proper take on Cheney’s criticism. The former Vice President was totally wrong on so much foreign policy during the Bush Administration, and actually harmed the President he served with his delusional view of the world scene.

Meanwhile, Biden is one of the real assets to President Obama. He has been willing to speak his mind, and yet has made clear that he will be loyal to whatever the President ultimately decides. The President has great confidence in his partner, and the two men together are shaping a new view of the world, which will be an asset to the nation over the next four to eight years.

It is amazing how switching from one Vice President to another can really transform the nation to the benefit of its people. Hooray again for Joe Biden, who will go down as the one of the most effective and significant Vice Presidents in American history!

The Obscenity Of Personal Wealth In Political Campaigns: The Case Of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has set a new record for the use of personal wealth in a political campaign.

By the time of the election next month, he will have spent between $110 and $140 million of his $16 Billion fortune on his mayoral campaign for a third term.

Bloomberg will have spent at least $250 million of his own money on his three mayoral campaigns, the equivalent of what was spent on the latest Harry Potter movie by Warner Brothers.

How can someone call our political campaigns anything other than the use of obscene wealth by people who lust for political power and are willing to use their own money to buy the votes of the people?

The ability of wealthy people, such as Steve Forbes, Ross Perot, and Jon Corzine to buy support, and now surpassed by Michael Bloomberg, calls for public finance laws and strict regulation of the amount of personal fortune that can be used in political campaigns.

The present system is totally anti democratic, and just adds to the cynicism that many Americans have toward our political system–that money talks and truly principled individuals have no chance to gain power and promote reform without either personal fortune or rich supporters who expect special favors when a candidate wins office with their financial support.

Chuck Hagel And His Party On Health Care Reform

Former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, always one of my favorite Republicans, and rumored in the past to be a possible Obama Administration appointee at some time in the future, has come out in criticism of his party with their promotion of total opposition to anything the President is advocating, including health care.

Hagel calls that totally irresponsible behavior, which it indeed is. Hagel has always been a man of principle and conviction, so despite his friendship with John McCain, he says he felt uncomfortable about the Arizona Senator’s views on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and did not like the people around McCain, so therefore did not endorse and support his friend.

At the same time, he stayed neutral and did not endorse Barack Obama, although agreeing with him on many issues during the campaign.

It is still seen as likely that Hagel could be the next Defense Secretary when Robert Gates finally decides to leave. The nation would be well served if that appointment came about in the future.

More Proof Of GOP Decline

A new CNN poll shows the Republican party is at its lowest point in public opinion since 1984.

54 percent see the GOP unfavorably, with only 36 percent seeing the party in a positive light.

In comparison, 53 percent see the Democratic party favorably, with 41 percent negative on them.

This should bode well for the Democrats in the 2010 midterm congressional elections, but one must realize that in 22 of 24 midterm elections in modern times, the party in power in the White House has lost seats, and it is hard to imagine the Democrats gaining seats, at least in the House of Representatives.

Therefore, the goal would be to keep the losses down to a minimum, and possibly add seats in the Senate since several Republicans are not running for reelection.

What it comes down to is IF the economy is seen as improving and IF a health care bill passes, then the Democrats will be in good shape to retain most of their majority a year from now.

Obama And Veterans Health Care Legislation

President Obama has signed a bill calling for advanced budgeting of veterans health care, so as to provide what veterans deserve: respect for their sacrifice and adequate medical treatment.

This is an area that has been lacking proper consideration in the federal budget, and Obama has expressed appreciation and respect for what our veterans have done for our country.

So this new budgeting procedure is to be applauded! Good work! 🙂