Day: October 31, 2009

The 2010 Midterm Congressional Elections

With about a year to go to the 2010 midterm Congressional elections, the odds are heavy that the Democrats will retain control of the House of Representatives.

A total of 41 seats would have to be gained by the Republicans for party control to switch, and the best estimates at this point are that the GOP might gain 15-20 seats at most in the next Congress.

The Senate is certainly going to see Democratic control with some chance of a Democratic gain to over 60 seats, but even if a few losses occur, certain to keep possession of at least a mid 50s number of seats, which would mean a few more Republicans.

IF the economy improves and the health care legislation succeeds in being passed, it seems unlikely that the Republicans would have much if any gain in Congress overall.

However, since only twice has the party in the White House gained seats in the midterm election, it is likely there might be some gain by the Republicans, but probably likely in a minor way.