Day: October 20, 2009

Another Embarrassment For South Carolina

South Carolina has had two embarrassing incidents this year already, and now there is a third.

First, the saga of Governor Mark Sanford going off to Argentina to see his lover, his wife moving out of the executive mansion, his refusal to shut up about the affair, and the move now to try to impeach him, since he will not resign–all this does not help the image of the Palmetto state.

Then Congressman Joe Wilson shouting “You Lie” at President Barack Obama in a joint session of Congress adds to the bad image of his state. It certainly also hurt the image of the Republican party.

Now two GOP county chairmen decided to write an article comparing the “penny pinching” of Senator Jim DeMint to the anti Semitic view of wealthy Jews saving pennies. They later apologized, but the damage was done, nevertheless.

Needless to say, this is despicable, not only for the anti Semitic tone, but also because the record of Jews is to be major contributors to charities and to social causes. This is an old attack on Jews that has been around for many centuries, and is not appropriate to be uttered by any office holder or political spokesman in this country.

Fortunately, Senator DeMint denounced this anti Semitic article, but a lot more needs to be done to resuscitate the image of South Carolina!

A New Low Is Reached By The Republican Party

A new poll shows only 20 percent nationally identify themselves as Republicans, the lowest since 1983. Democrats have 33 percent and independents 42 percent.

To add insult to injury, only 19 percent think the GOP has the right solutions, while 79 percent feel that they have the wrong answers.

Additionally, the Democrats at this point have the same support for control of the next Congress that they had in 2006 and 2008.

So despite the anti government, anti Democratic reaction evident during August, the Democrats seem to have recovered and are in good shape for the 2010 midterm congressional elections.

What it comes down to is that negativism and lack of alternative ideas is seen as detrimental to the Republican party. The question is when they will realize that they are being self destructive, and stop allowing right wing talk show hosts and extremists who talk secession and states rights and the militia mentality to control their destiny. It turns out even Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker, agrees that the situation the GOP is in is their own fault!

Conflicting Poll On Obama After Nine Months In The Presidency

Today marks nine months of the Obama Presidency, and a new CNN poll shows conflicting results.

It shows that 55 percent approve of Obama’s handling of his job, but only 48 percent agree with him on the important issues at hand. Two out of three think Obama has the qualities to make a good President, but only a third think he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize,although more than two thirds are proud that an American won the prize.

Hillary Clinton ranks higher than the President in personal appeal, as does Michelle Obama. The fact that Hillary is considered more popular must be a very happy consolation prize for her, but of course, she is not being forced to make tough decisions that a President has to make.

In many ways, the poll shows conflict and confusion, probably because the President is taking on many tough issues at once, and as always, change tends to cause insecurity and doubts, but still it can be said that Obama is in quite good shape after nine months in office.