Day: October 12, 2009

The Obama Administration And Increased Regulation

The Obama Administration is taking active steps in three government agencies to promote regulation on issues that affect public safety and work conditions.

New activism is being promoted by the Food and Drug Administration (originated under Theodore Roosevelt); the Consumer Product Safety Commission (begun under Richard Nixon); and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (also originating under Richard Nixon).

This is on top of the effort for new financial regulations, and also the beefing up of the regulatory powers of the Environmental Protection Agency (also initiated under Richard Nixon).

While conservatives will, of course, attack this new emphasis on regulation, I see it as an important step in the return of the nation to the best aspects of the Progressive Era, The New Deal, and The Great Society, as well as the numerous reforms under Republican Richard Nixon, who is seen more than ever as having been quite significant in promoting reform and regulation, despite his many negatives, and involvement in the Watergate scandal.

Hillary Clinton Gives Up Quest For The Presidency

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apparently has given up any thought of seeking the Presidency in 2016.

She talked about eventual retirement in an interview with NBC News, and declared that she loves her job and does not feel marginalized, as some people think she is.

She seems contented to play a major role in diplomacy as her final role in American politics, and somehow, I tend to believe her that she has no further ambitions.

She went through so much stress and pressure, and being in a major role under President Obama, seems to satisfy her need for a public role and major contribution.

The good thing about this is that she can devote all her time to her commitment to improve America’s position and image in world affairs. She certainly has the potential to become one of our more outstanding Secretaries of State!

Barack Obama And Native Americans Conference On November 5

It has just been announced that President Obama will host a White House meeting on November 5, a year after his election, for native Americans.

Entitled the Tribal Nations Conference, a representative of all 564 federally recognized tribes will be invited to the gathering, which sounds likely to be the biggest conference in size and detail regarding native American issues, in the history of the country.

This is a major step forward, which hopefully will lead to work on matters important to native Americans, since the tendency has been to ignore our smallest minority, which remain by every statistic available, the poorest group in America. It is time for real action and return of dignity to native Americans, so it is expected Obama will go beyond the niceties of the conference and produce major results that will affect the long term future of native Americans.