Day: October 13, 2009

The Senate Finance Committee Vote And Senator Olympia Snowe

Today’s 14-9 vote by the Senate Finance Committee on the so called Baucus bill on health care reform, with every Democrat and Republican Olympia Snowe voting yes, is a welcome moment, but it is not enough.

The lack of a public option in the bill means that the Baucus bill cannot be accepted as it is. Since Olympia Snowe does not promise that she will support the ultimate health care bill that is reconciled between the House and the Senate, we can thank her for her support, making the proposal slightly bipartisan, but not allow her to dictate the final version of the bill, as the price for her vote.

Optimism is arising that the health care bill will pass by Thanksgiving, and if it does, it will be the ultimate triumph of a vision first enunciated by former President Theodore Roosevelt in the 1912 presidential election when he was the candidate of the Progressive Party for President.

Senator Lindsey Graham Declares Republican Party Must Moderate To Have Future

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is continuing his quest to broaden the base of the Republican party by appealing to moderates and independents.

In so doing, he is openly challenging the conservative base of the party, and talk shows hosts, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck.

Graham is to be commended for understanding that the conservative base of the party is not a winning combination, and that the Republicans must return to the center to have a chance to grow.

Comparing Nancy Pelosi To Adolf Hitler: A New Republican Outrage!

The National Republican Congressional Committee has reached a new low in political attack by comparing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Adolf Hitler!

Trying to compare Pelosi’s campaign for health care reform with a man responsible for the mass loss of life in the Holocaust is despicable and is bound to reverberate next year, since the Republicans, while withdrawing this video, have made it clear that they will make the Speaker the “poster boy” for their attack on the Democrats in the congressional races of 2010.

It is hard to imagine that the American people will react in a positive way to these outrageous attacks and character assassination, not only against Pelosi, but against the President and other Democratic figures.