Afghanistan Policy

Republican Hypocrisy As Usual, Now On Afghanistan!

Republicans in Congress are utilizing hypocrisy, as usual, now on Afghanistan.

Donald Trump signed an agreement in late 2020, insuring the end of US involvement by May 1, 2021.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Taliban leadership, and signed the agreement.

Donald Trump spoke as late as late June to a crowd, bragging about the fact that he had arranged for the end of US involvement in Afghanistan.

But now, both Trump and Pompeo, and innumerable others in the Republican Party, are accusing Joe Biden of betrayal.

In late June, 56 percent of Republicans in public opinion polls endorsed getting out of Afghanistan, along with about 70 percent of Democrats and Independents.

Trump signed the agreement to withdraw, and Biden followed up on it, with a delay until August-September 2021.

Biden had been against staying in Afghanistan, while Vice President under Barack Obama, so it is a long standing viewpoint.

This does not mean that Joe Biden is not to be criticized for lack of timely planning to assure the safety and ability of Afghans and their family members who worked with the US military forces, and women who had seen great strides, but wanted to leave, also to be able to flee.

But when Florida Senator Rick Scott, a true scumbag, says the 25th Amendment should be used to remove Biden, one is tempted to say where were you when Donald Trump was demonstrating corruption and incompetence? Why did you NOT vote to convict Donald Trump on impeachment charges as a threat to American democracy?

The issue of Afghanistan is being used simply as a political tool by the conservative right wing, when they could not care less about Afghans who helped us, and Afghan women.

In fact, the Republican Party has no concern for women’s rights, in Afghanistan, or in America!

Joe Biden Says About Dick Cheney: “Who Cares?” A Great Response!

Vice President Joe Biden has made it perfectly clear that former Vice President Dick Cheney’s attack on President Obama’s careful reconsideration of Afghanistan policy is something to be ignored, saying “Who cares?”

That is the exactly proper take on Cheney’s criticism. The former Vice President was totally wrong on so much foreign policy during the Bush Administration, and actually harmed the President he served with his delusional view of the world scene.

Meanwhile, Biden is one of the real assets to President Obama. He has been willing to speak his mind, and yet has made clear that he will be loyal to whatever the President ultimately decides. The President has great confidence in his partner, and the two men together are shaping a new view of the world, which will be an asset to the nation over the next four to eight years.

It is amazing how switching from one Vice President to another can really transform the nation to the benefit of its people. Hooray again for Joe Biden, who will go down as the one of the most effective and significant Vice Presidents in American history!