An Absolutely Whacko Idea: Roger Ailes Of Fox News Running for President?

Roger Ailes, the founder, President and CEO of Fox News Channel, and a former media adviser to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, and Rudy Guiliani has been rumored today to be considering running for President of the United States!

This is even more nutty than the thought of Sarah Palin running for President! Ailes is a totally destructive, negative figure who has poisoned the American political atmosphere with his propaganda station which passes as news for a few million delusional watchers!

He is so right wing that it is hard to even see him fitting on the political spectrum with any political figure except maybe for the right wing talk show hosts on radio, the lackeys on his station who claim to be journalists, plus Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann, and such propagandists as Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham.

Ailes is also already 69 years of age, and would be close to 73 by the time he would take the oath of President in January 2013. He has spent his career dividing people and sowing chaos and anarchy, and even the thought that this propagandist would run is terrifying.

Thankfully, he has already brought the rumor balloon down to earth, stating that his mission is to continue to promote “news” on Fox News Channel. This is true propaganda which, unfortunately, manages to mislead a few million misguided souls! 🙁

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