Chuck Hagel And His Party On Health Care Reform

Former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, always one of my favorite Republicans, and rumored in the past to be a possible Obama Administration appointee at some time in the future, has come out in criticism of his party with their promotion of total opposition to anything the President is advocating, including health care.

Hagel calls that totally irresponsible behavior, which it indeed is. Hagel has always been a man of principle and conviction, so despite his friendship with John McCain, he says he felt uncomfortable about the Arizona Senator’s views on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and did not like the people around McCain, so therefore did not endorse and support his friend.

At the same time, he stayed neutral and did not endorse Barack Obama, although agreeing with him on many issues during the campaign.

It is still seen as likely that Hagel could be the next Defense Secretary when Robert Gates finally decides to leave. The nation would be well served if that appointment came about in the future.

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