The H1N1 Flu Virus And Health Care Workers

New York State has mandated that all health care workers MUST have the H1N1 Virus Inoculation when it is available, or lose their jobs.

This has caused an uproar among some health care workers who have threatened to quit their jobs and/or file a lawsuit.

This development seems almost like an illusion. Can we really have health care workers who would be responsible for dealing with any victims of the flu virus, who refuse for their own safety and that of their patients and coworkers, to be inoculated? Do they not realize that such an action would not only endanger others, but also make it more difficult to sell the importance of the general public having the inoculation, if those who would treat them are stubborn enough to refuse to take it themselves?

What is wrong these days with so many people against whatever government does for the welfare of the population? How can it be that health care workers can act so ignorant as to fight scientists who know more about the disease than they do? Why is it they can act so unprofessionally and be so irresponsible?

This distrust of government is so detrimental to the future of this nation, and it borders on anarchism–that everyone should do whatever they want without any sense of social responsibility or real knowledge of the issues at hand. Instead, just strike out against all authority and common sense.

It is clear to me that if some health care workers, hopefully a small moronic minority, choose to defy the edict of New York, then they should be fired and replaced by intelligent, socially responsible individuals. I certainly do not want to be treated by anyone so ridiculous and ignorant were I to become sick. This is a national emergency, and what New York has demanded should become adopted on a national level in all states!

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