Newsmax, John Perry, And A Military Coup Against President Obama?

Newsmax, a conservative publication, first published yesterday an article by John Perry, a right wing journalist, predicting a military coup against President Obama, and then quickly withdrew it.

In the article, Perry calls for a military takeover in which Obama would be kept as a ceremonial leader, but the “Marxist” tendencies of the President would be overcome, and the nation would be protected by a military sworn to defend the nation and save the country from a President seen as out of control and dangerous to the future of the nation, possibly destroying it as we know it before the next election in 2012.

This is just further proof of how the far right has gone amuck and endangers the nation and its elected President. Again, we are reaching a stage of “clear and present danger”, and the kind of hate and hysteria being promoted cannot be allowed to continue without a strong reaction by the Secret Service and the FBI.

Instead of the so called danger of a “Marxist” takeover, we are much more endangered by a truly Fascist seizure of power, more so than at any time in my lifetime, and it is truly terrifying!

One comment on “Newsmax, John Perry, And A Military Coup Against President Obama?

  1. Michael October 1, 2009 9:20 pm

    I’m not overly worried about a fascist takeover; but I find it amusing that the Right has exclusive domain over wild fantasies about sedition, and can all the while uphold their stance as the standardbearers of patriotism. How on Earth could an unconstitutional power grab serve in any way serve to “defend and restore” the document??? I wonder if he wrote this article with a straight face, for if he knew anything about military usurpations of state power over the last century, there were no juntas or dictators which served as “interim” governments. Mr. Perry needs to get a grip or confess his senility; you may disagree with the president, but the odds of the military taking the reins from a popularly elected president are about as equal to the likelihood of finding Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate.

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