Alan Grayson Vs. Joe Wilson: Who Is Being Disrespectful?

The Republicans are outraged that Florida Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson has the gall to call them out on the fact that they have no real plan for health care reform. Grayson declared yesterday that the GOP plan for someone who is sick is get over it rapidly or die quickly, as there is no concern over the fact that millions of people have no health care, and millions of others have health care coverage that will not cover them when they have a health crisis.

Meanwhile, Joe Wilson of South Carolina yells out at President Obama that “You lie”, but that is alright to most Republicans who refused to back a condemnation of Wilson for an action that has never taken place in the history of Presidential appearances before a joint session of Congress.

Grayson pointed out today that about 44,000 people die annually for lack of health insurance to deal with their health needs, which is eleven times the number killed in Iraq since 2003. This is a “holocaust” for which the Republicans and many well to do Americans seem to have no concern.

The best that the Republicans can react is to say that Grayson has a “pathological pattern of unstable behavior”. I would say instead that Joe Wilson has demonstrated that in his insulting behavior at Obama’s Health Care speech to Congress!

To compare Grayson’s statement with Wilson’s action is unjustifiable. Grayson is speaking the truth, that the Republicans have no concern, while Wilson was totally rude and disrespectful, and also lied when he said Obama had lied.

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