Glenn Beck, John McCain, And Theodore Roosevelt

Glenn Beck is truly nutty, and it was proved further in his web interview with Katie Couric of CBS News today.

After calling President Obama every nasty name under the sun in the past eight months, Beck expressed the view that John McCain, Obama’s opponent in 2008, would have been worse as President than Obama.

He also said that he would probably have voted for Hillary Clinton over John McCain had she been the Democratic nominee. Is that something Hillary Clinton should be happy about? 🙂 LOL

But then he also attacked every Democrat’s second most favored Republican, Teddy Roosevelt (of course, Abraham Lincoln is Number One 🙂 ). He said TR was a “progressive” and that McCain is also a “weird progressive like Theodore Roosevelt”.

So Beck is now attacking TR, regarded as the fourth best President in our history in almost any poll, because he actually promoted some basic reforms and believed in “progressivism”.

Need I say that this is just further proof of how crazy and loony Glenn Beck is? 🙂

Oh, and by the way, McCain DOES like to compare himself to TR, but McCain does not get it that TR was really a “progressive”, and while McCain is less conservative than most of his Senate colleagues, he truly does not understand TR’s motivations and is NOT a “progressive” himself, despite his constant statements of admiration for the second greatest Republican President!

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