Barack Obama And Early Polling On 2012

New polling reveals that Barack Obama, after eight months in office and bitter, nasty attacks by right wing media, the Republican party, Freedom/Works and Tea Party Patriots, and confrontational Town Hall meetings in August, is still in an excellent position to win re-election.

What the polling shows is that among those who voted for Obama, more than 53 percent, extremely high numbers still are pleased with him, in the 90s percentiles.

At the same time, among those who voted against Obama, most (over 90 percent) are still vehemently against Obama, but remember John McCain only won about 47 percent of the vote.

So, in other words, Obama remains in a very similar position in public opinion polls as he was on Election Day last November.

Therefore, despite all the screaming, yelling and demagogic attacks, Barack Obama is in an excellent position for the next Presidential race.

If anything, the attacks against him have only solidified support for him, as it is recognized that he was given the toughest inheritance on his succession to the Presidency since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

3 comments on “Barack Obama And Early Polling On 2012

  1. Nick Krzyzanowski September 23, 2009 4:32 pm

    Obama is just another puppet for the New World Order (And 9/11 WAS an inside job). How else would you describe WTC7?!?!?! He has already gone against many promises he made to the American People during his campaign and if you think he won’t do it again I feel sorry for you. He most definitely lost my support. I’m open to discuss this and 9/11 but not if it will be a close-minded criticism. The facts don’t lie.

    AMH 202 T/R 8am

  2. Ronald September 23, 2009 5:41 pm

    You certainly have a right to your opinions, but I do not support any conspiracy theory. As far as Obama is concerned, of course he has not kept every promise. No president can, and no person can adhere to everything they promote. But overall I feel Obama has done a good job in difficult circumstances.

  3. tate September 25, 2009 4:55 pm

    Nick and Professor,

    I see truth in both of your statements.

    Nick, thee are many unanswered questions regarding 9/11 and I have spent hours personally reading htis material. I was also very displeased with the recent History channel airing of 9/11 parts 1 & 2 in which they so casually tried to make sense of many of the facts you and I are both aware of. A few major questions remain in my mind that have never been answered.

    1) Two planes hit the towers and WTC #7 just fell – far enough away (and reenforced to protect major government and DEA offices and other organizations

    2) Free fall speed of the falling towers

    3) No high-rise EVER has fallen. It was left with its external structure even after 24 hours of intense flames

    4) The largest standown of our military happened on that day. Never has this been seen before -or- since. Very strange.

    5) Passports flying through the wreckage and being located and turned in less than an hour after the fall of both towers. Very strange.

    I could go on and on. Most of the official story makes very little sense. I also do not feel the the 9/11 report fully investigated these and other questions. WTC #7 was never even mentioned in the report.

    Professor, I also agree that Obama has done well with the cards he was delt. But, war in the Middle East and the economy were the reason I voted for him….the other stuff, well, I figured if we got it great…if not, these major issues would justify my choice. So far, he has made little in the way of strides towards keeping his campaign promises in either of these two areas.

    I like Obama but would like to see some change with our foreign policy and some results (I.E – numbers getting better) in the economy.

    But, I will hold any final judgement until the end of his four years as with so many issues flying around it is impossible to fully grasp what is working, what needs more time, and what isn’t

    Finally, I don’t think what Nick is stating is that he believes in “conspiracy theories” as much as asking to be given full details and to have questions answered. This is far from a conspiracy theory when he has not targeted anyone in his post and simply refuses to move forward without these many questions answered – often times cast aside by being called “conspiracy theories.”

    Just my take on it all….thanks to you both.

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