Rick Perry And The Great Recession: Does It Exist?

Texas Governor Rick Perry has a talent for making a fool of himself, and that may hurt him in the Texas primary for Governor next spring against Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Earlier this year, he sided with secessionists at a rally in Austin, the state capitol. He also had rejected stimulus funds from the Obama Administration, and then had to accept it.

Now he seems unaware that Texas is part of the nation, in regards to the Great Recession that we have been in since last fall. While it is true that Texas has been less impacted by the economic downturn, it is still a fact that Texas has been hurt by the economic collapse, but he recently commented to a reporter the question: Is there a recession occurring?

Perry is an embarrassment to Texas, and it is hard to believe that somehow he has survived to be the longest serving Governor in Texas history, and longest serving Governor in office at the present time, a total of nine years at this point with one year left to go before the election.

It is hoped that Perry will soon be a former Governor, as he actually makes George W. Bush, the governor he succeeded, look a lot better as Governor for six years than Perry has been for nine years.

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