The Lies of Fox News Channel: Nothing New!

Fox News Channel had the gall to advertise on Friday that it was the only station to cover last weekend’s FreedomWorks/Tea Party March on Washington, DC.

That assertion, of course, is a complete lie, as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS all spent a lot of time and energy on the reporting of this event, even though many of the demonstrators seemed unhappy that the “evil” media was there, showing us the level of hate and craziness that represented a large portion of the gathering.

This lie comes on top of Glenn Beck’s looniness, asserting that close to two million people were at the gathering, when only about 70,000 were present. I personally witnessed on C Span the large amount of the National Mall that had green grass showing, certain proof of the low turnout.

Apparently, Fox News Channel and its anchors have no trouble telling the “Big Lie”, reminding us of Adolf Hitler, who exploited the idea that the more you repeat something, the more people will believe it. So accuracy and honesty are not needed, when a media source has an agenda, and is ultimately out to make money, and to hell with the truth! 🙁

Fox News Channel owes apologies for its lies, but if one is waiting for such a response, we will stop breathing first. 🙁

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