The New York Times: 158 Years Of Journalistic Excellence!

The nation’s premier daily newspaper, The New York Times, celebrates its 158th birthday today!

While there is much to be proud of about this fact, it is also reality that this great newspaper and so many others are in danger of facing bankrutpcy, or at the least, massive cutbacks, which will only harm the field of journalism and the profession of news gathering, at a time when more than ever, it is essential to have quality print journalism.

We know that at times The New York Times has performed poorly and has had fake journalism perpetrated on it by crooked staff members and writers. But that does not take away from the fact that it has been the best paper in America for the past century, an essential tool for any historian or researcher of numerous other fields of study, and the true paper of record, with the best, most complete index of any newspaper.

Basically, without the New York Times continuing its excellence and mission to be “All The News That’s Fit To Print”, the world of knowledge and scholarship would dry up, and the nation at large would be the ultimate loser.

The only solution is efforts by all those educated and interested people to spread the word of the essential nature of keeping the Times alive and thriving into the long term future!

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