Time For Real Regulatory Reform For Wall Street And Banks

President Obama went to Wall Street yesterday to declare that, a year after the financial collapse began which has led to the Great Recession, it is time for Wall Street and the big banks to start changing their strategies, as the US Government does not intend and cannot promote constant taxpayer bailout.

Obama is now beginning to call for real regulatory reform as his next goal after health care legislation, and this is essential, as we cannot allow greedy, money hungry Wall Street and the big banks to victimize this nation as they have so willingly done in recent years, without a care as to how it affects the American people.

Barack Obama’s reputation as President will, to a great extent, be measured by how much reform he brings to Wall Street and the banking system, and it is time for action NOW!

2 comments on “Time For Real Regulatory Reform For Wall Street And Banks

  1. tate September 17, 2009 9:23 am

    We know this is needed…look at the track record when they were left to themselves with virtually no regulation over the past eight years. It is sad that this even debated by some. 🙁

  2. Fred September 17, 2009 1:11 pm

    An interesting report on NPR indicated everyone in Congress knows the regulatory agencies are in need of reform and consolidation but that everyone in Congress agrees it will not be done because it would could out committees in Congress for the multitude of agencies if the agencies were consolidated and no one is willing to lose their committee spot or their chairmanship.

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