Retirement Initiatives Of President Barack Obama Are Great Step!

One of the biggest problems most Americans face is the crisis presented by failure to prepare for retirement, something that is too often ignored until it is too late, forcing people to continue to work beyond the age they would like to retire from full time work.

President Obama has now taken major administrative moves to assist Americans in pursuing what all must do: plan for retirement.

Among the actions taken are: Employees will be automatically signed up for employer sponsored 401K retirement plans unless they ask not to be so enrolled. Also, tax refunds will now be a possible source of retirement savings for taxpayers. Also, unused vacation time and overtime would be allowed to be contributed to a retirement plan. Finally, an easy to read retirement guide when changing jobs would be offered to all workers by the U S government to educate Americans in planning for retirement.

There is certainly no reason for anyone to criticize the government for trying to encourage attention to retirement planning, as it is a true disaster if someone reaches retirement age and expects to live just on Social Security, which was never meant to be a sole source of retirement income.

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