Diane Sawyer Becomes The Second Evening News Female Anchor

The somewhat surprising news that Charlie Gibson will retire at the end of 2009 as the anchor of ABC Evening News after only three years brings us our second female anchor, Diane Sawyer. She and Katy Couric of CBS Evening News will compete with the leader in evening news, Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News.

Diane Sawyer has had an exceptional career with ABC News, and has managed to interview many of the most important newsworthy personalities of the past couple of decades. She deserves the opportunity to anchor, and should do just fine in ratings, probably competing with Brian Williams, just as Good Morning America has done very well with her and Robin Roberts as co anchors.

The interesting possible scenario is who will replace Diane on GMA, and it would seem to me it would be Chris Cuomo, the younger son of former NY Governor Mario Cuomo. And it seems to me that assuming Chris does a good job on GMA, he could very likely be the anchor replacement for Diane Sawyer when in a few years, she is likely to leave.

And that leaves the possible situation of Chris Cuomo as evening news anchor in the future, and possibly, his brother, Andrew Cuomo as possible Governor of New York, and maybe pursuing the Presidency in 2016, an event his brother would possibly be reporting either on GMA or on the Evening News.

What an interesting scenario long term! 🙂

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