Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, And The Presidency

Michele Bachmann, the Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota, who has managed to come across as a whacko over and over again since she was first elected to Congress a few years ago, has now made clear what her ultimate intentions are.

She sees a conspiracy against outspoken women, such as herself and Sarah Palin, to prevent them from becoming President of the United States!

It is all a conspiracy against a woman who is a Republican, as the media want to see a liberal Democratic woman be first to become President, according to Ms. Bachmann.

So in other words, she has a persecution complex, because the media have the nerve and gall to report the insane things that she and Sarah Palin say, and that is all part of a conspiracy to prevent them from seeking the White House.

Could it be that she and Sarah Palin, both of them, have delusions of grandeur to consider themselves QUALIFIED by their statements and actions and record in office, to have the credentials to offer themselves to the voters?

But I must say, PLEASE, Michele and Sarah, OFFER yourselves to your party to run for President! Really, we don’t want to stop you or frustrate you in your ambition! The country WANTS to see you offer yourselves to the nation, so we can spread the word about both of your qualifications for office.

Don’t let media attacks stop you! Go ahead, announce your candidacies sooner, rather than later! We are waiting with baited breath for your announcements of candidacy. And maybe you could run together, after fighting over who shall be Number One and who shall be Number Two! That should be a rip roaring fight to witness! šŸ™‚ LOL

One comment on “Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, And The Presidency

  1. Chris September 5, 2009 5:57 pm

    The new strategy by the women in the Republican party is that the media is against them. How can you respect these women with the woe is me mentality. Come on now Michelle and Sarah “just stop making stuff up.” I will be more then happy to see either of them become the Republican nominee. Reality is that if Sarah Palin runs for the nomination of her party, it is most likey that she will win. CNN today showed a video of the “tea party bus tour” and everyone was shouting Palins name. Even if she does win her party the intelligent Democrats and independents would never let her or her counterpart Michelle Bachmann into the oval office.

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