President Obama And Staying In School

President Obama is going to spend an hour next Tuesday speaking to the nation’s students via cable and television as the Fall term begins, or has already begun for the education community.

His goal is to emphasize and support the idea that all students should stay in school and graduate high school, and that college students should complete the degree that they start.

Is there anything wrong with the President advocating this to American students as a goal for the nation’s growth and prosperity? I would say certainly not, but apparently already there is a backlash of so called parents who seem to think it is none of the President’s business to be pushing education on their youngsters.

This growing criticism is just mind blowing to me. Have America’s parents been doing a good job of emphasizing education when millions of parents have no time for their kids; do not provide books, magazines and newspapers to their children in their homes; do not work to prevent their sons and daughters from dropping out and going to work at a dead end job; never emphasize learning and education as an important part of the parenting role; and in many cases fail to improve their own educational levels so as to create the chance of changing their own occupational future?

While there are many parents who do what should be done, is there any harm in the President raising the standards of the nation by encouraging “stay in school”? I think not, and all we can do is ignore these stupid complaints and the President move ahead and do what he plans to do–promote education as the best way to mobility in American society!

One comment on “President Obama And Staying In School

  1. Chris September 4, 2009 10:36 am

    believe that Obama’s speech on kids bettering their lives is overdue. This should have been done a long time ago. Staying in school, getting the proper education and using that education to make money is part of “the American dream”. The Republicans are trying to turn this into politics when in 1991 President Bush did the exact same thing and we never heard any republicans say that bush is trying to spread his socialistic agenda! What they don’t realize is the more students that graduate with a proper education the better our economy will become and the more taxes the government will receive. What does the rest of the world think of America when it sees that half of us don’t care about our kids education!

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