Barack Obama And Health Care Speech To Congress

President Obama has announced his plans to deliver a health care speech before a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, September 9.

This is an excellent and necessary move, as so much propaganda and lies have been promoted by conservatives, Republicans and the health care insurance industry, all of them determined to defeat any substantial health care reform. These special interests have been willing to do anything to promote myths, fear, and trepidation, and encourage raucous Town Hall meetings.

The President must explain explicitly what he wants in the health care bill, why it is so important to the future of the nation, and challenge and destroy every last piece of propaganda, lies and myths that have been spread without shame across the country.

Health care reform is absolutely essential, as it has been discussed since Harry Truman’s time, and was first generally proposed by Theodore Roosevelt during his 1912 Progressive Party campaign for President. Isn’t a century since TR, and 64 years since Truman, enough time to take action finally on this crucial issue?

One comment on “Barack Obama And Health Care Speech To Congress

  1. Chris September 4, 2009 11:05 am

    Its about time that this gets passed. Health care reform is needed now more then ever, at a time when citizens are losing jobs. I don’t see President Obama’s speech doing much good though. Hannity and Limbaugh always find ways to turn what Obama says into something negative so that the uneducated listeners of their shows that don’t know how to think and take what they say as written law will lash back and attack Obama. Great presidents of our past wanted health care reform, Truman, Kennedy, FDR (Wagner bill), and even one of our best republican presidents Teddy Roosevelt. Obviously Limbaugh has never read the constitution when he said that the health care bill in unconstitutional. Article 1 Section 8 of the constitution specifically states that the government has the right to tax and use the money for common defense and welfare. so for all you republicans that are attacking our Senators at the town hall meetings i advise you to go back and read the most cherished document in history the document that makes us the best country in the world, the Constitution!!

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