Three Subjects Ignored At Republican National Convention: George W. Bush, Foreign Policy And Constitutional Law

The Republican Party is holding its national convention in Tampa, and so far has not mentioned President George W. Bush by name, or referred to the issues of foreign policy and constitutional law.

It is as if Bush was never President, and instead Democrat Barack Obama is being blamed for everything, including original sin! The economy was apparently fine, until Obama became President in 2009. This is what is called the rewriting of history, and making Bush a non person.

But Bush also took us into two foreign wars that have bankrupted us, and caused a large portion of the national debt growth, but neither Paul Ryan nor Mitt Romney seems anxious to run a campaign on foreign policy, something neither have them have any experience in dealing with. Of course, the critics say what experience did Barack Obama have, forgetting that he did serve on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for four years, and did important work with the respect and support of Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar, who was, for a period of year, the Chairman of that committee. This, of course, probably helped to contribute to the defeat of Senator Lugar in the Indiana Senatorial primary this year, leading to his forced retirement this December.

And, of course, to bring up constitutional law would make people realize that the President, whoever he is next term, will have a dramatic effect on constitutional law and the Supreme Court, and that this matters more than economic policy in the long run!

So the GOP is ignoring these three issues, hoping to sail through to victory on promotion of ignorance of the citizenry, and creating falsehoods and myths about the Barack Obama record!

Will they succeed? That seems highly doubtful!

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