Day: May 8, 2012

May 8th:67 Years Since V-E Day, And 128th Birthday Of A Courageous President, Harry Truman!

Today marks two significant events in American history!

It is the 67th anniversary of V-E Day, the end of the war in Europe against Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany in 1945.

It is also the 128th anniversary of the birth of President Harry Truman, who took over the Presidency suddenly, less than a month before the end of the war in Europe and his birthday, and always stood out, through crisis after crisis, as a man of courage, guts, decisiveness and principle, not much appreciated at the time, or in retirement, but now seen as usually the fifth best President, trailing only Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt.

These are important historical events to commemorate, as we face a campaign in which the nation is more divided than it has ever been since a time of great unity in 1945,

And we have a candidate for President, Barack Obama, who can be compared in courage and decisiveness in foreign policy to President Truman; and with Obama’s opponent, Mitt Romney, easy to compare in so many ways to Truman’s opponent in 1948, Thomas E. Dewey, who came across as plastic, not liked by conservatives in the Republican Party, lacking in dynamism and charisma, and lacking strong principles.

Hopefully, the Dewey defeat in 1948 will be matched by a Romney defeat in 2012!

Inevitable Result: Defeat Of Richard Lugar, And The Death Of Bi-Partisanship In The US Senate

The inevitable defeat of Senator Richard Lugar in the Indiana Republican Senate primary by Richard Mourdock, a Tea Party favorite, is a major tragedy for Indiana and for the US Senate,and also, for the Republican Party’s history and future!

Lugar, without question, was one of the most brilliant, insightful, intelligent, and learned members of the US Senate, not just now, but for decades in the past.

Richard Lugar was a man who promoted bi-partisanship and reason, rather than yelling and screaming and gridlock and stalemate, and he will be greatly missed.

And with him being forced out of the Senate, and Maine Senator Olympia Snowe voluntarily leaving the Senate, the Republican Party in the Senate becomes a true disaster area, leaving who is left as easily the most disgraceful group under the party name that we have ever seen in American history, from the beginning of the history of the party in 1854!

The GOP was a party of reform in the Civil War-Reconstruction Era, in the Progressive Era, and in the post World War II period, at least in the Northeast and scattered cases elsewhere in the 1960s and 1970s.

The deterioration of the moderate and liberal Republicans began with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 and now is complete!

And to try to understand why Lugar was defeated is enough to make one wonder about the ignorance and stupidity of the voters who defeated him in Indiana.

What were their reasons to defeat him?

He is too old, being 80–totally ridiculous, as Lugar was a spry 80, fully in charge of his physical and mental faculties, more than most Republican Senate colleagues, who have far less ability at their younger ages than Lugar has always had.

Lugar spent most of his time in Virginia, and hardly ever was in Indiana for residence purposes–ridiculous as doing his job requires a Senator to spend most of his time in the DC area. This is such a totally phony issue and excuse to defeat a Senator who devoted his life to his state’s betterment.

Lugar was from Indianapolis, and the rest of the state resented his urban background–preposterous excuse to defeat him, but not uncommon in many states that the rural areas of a state resent the urban areas. But the thought that “country yokels” resent urban areas, and educated, intelligent people is an example of the problem of this country, that the “Know Nothing” hillbillies resent anyone who actually has brains and talent, and instead want a “good old boy”!

Lugar had the gall to do bi-partisan things, even with Barack Obama, when he was in the Senate–idiotic as that is the only way to get things done effectively, and Lugar always used principle over politics in his judgments, and was far from a liberal, but an honest, decent conservative.

Lugar specialized in foreign policy, and many rural people in Indiana hate foreign governments and the outside world in general–another example of the dangers of these”rural folk” having the ability to keep themselves and their fellow citizens out of touch with the “real world” out there. This anti foreign attitude is much too prevalent all over the country, and endangers our future in a complex world.

So the question arises over what Richard Lugar will do in 2013. He could go home to retirement, but does not seem like the type to want to do that. He could become a professor with specialty in international relations, and many universities would grab at the possibility of employing this brilliant statesman. He could write his memoirs, which would be fascinating.

But also, imagine this! As a good friend, and at times, supporter of Barack Obama on some issues, and with their common work on trying to prevent the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons when Obama was in the Senate in 2005-2006, and with Hillary Clinton leaving the State Department next year, there will be a vacancy that Lugar could fill very well!

Would the Republicans in the Senate oppose their long time colleague, with 36 years of experience, much of it in foreign policy, similar to the experience in foreign policy issues of Vice President Joe Biden, if Lugar wished to serve Obama as Secretary of State?

The assumption is that they would back him if Obama was re-elected and asked Lugar to serve his nation in another distinguished way, as Secretary of State.

So Indiana’s loss could be America’s and Barack Obama’s gain in 2013, and Lugar would richly deserve such an opportunity!

Mitt Romney: The “Would Be President” Without “Cajones”!

Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney is proving yet again that he is a flawed candidate in the most basic ways.

Not only has he demonstrated that he has no principles, no beliefs, that he will not change if it is a way to gain votes!

Not only is he showing a lack of concern for the lives of average middle class and poor Americans, who are facing the absolutely worst times economically in the lifetime of ninety percent of our citizens, with only the oldest among us having any memory of the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Not only is it clear that other Republicans look at Romney with a lack of respect and deference that one would expect for a Presidential nominee, as demonstrated by the shabby treatment of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum in their grudging, unemotional support of his candidacy.

But beyond all this, Mitt Romney has made it clear he lacks the most important trait of any leader who wishes to be our President: CAJONES!

This man worries about talk show hosts, “hoodlums” such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other talk show hosts on radio and Fox News Channel, including right wing Christian hate monger Bryan Fischer, who describes himself as a “country yokel”, which is too nice a term for this BUM!

Fischer is bragging that he brought pressure on Romney to dump a gay foreign policy aide, and said that if Romney caves in to him, as he has, then how can one assume that Romney could stand up to China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and other nations that are potential threats to our nation?

As despicable as Fischer is, his gloating points out the problem and the truth!

Beyond what Fischer said, how can one believe that Romney could stand up to the Tea Party radicals in Congress, to the leadership of his own party, to the opposition party leaders, to “friendly” nations in Europe and Asia and Latin America, to the news media, to corporate leaders, and every other challenge that any President faces, and that Barack Obama can very easily testify to?

This man lacks “Cajones” in a very blunt way, and is unfit to be President of the United States of America!