Day: May 17, 2012

Florida Disgracefully Working To Deny Right To Vote: Corruption In Action, Making Florida Look As It Was Pre Civil Rights Laws Of 1960s!

The state of Florida was part of the Confederacy that fought to break away from the Union during the Civil War of 1861-1865.

Florida was a promoter of racial segregation, and great racial violence, in the years from Reconstruction after the Civil War, up through the passage of the Civil Rights laws of the 1960s.

Florida promoted various methods to deny African Americans the right to vote, including the poll tax and literacy test.

Once Florida rapidly grew in population, with a massive increase of people from Northern states, in the decades from 1960 to the present, one would have thought the state had finally given up its infamous past.

But No to such an assertion!

Under a Republican state legislature that has three fourths of the members of their party, and with a corrupt, former medicare and medicaid fraud executive, Rick Scott, able to be elected Governor with no political experience, but having Tea Party support, what is now happening?

Florida is rapidly becoming corrupt in a way that reminds us of the old restrictions on voting that existed just five short decades ago.

So 180,000 poor, black, Hispanic, college student, and elderly voters will soon be off the voting rolls, without any recourse for most, with the design to fix the election of the members of Congress, and the Presidency, in the Republicans’ hands!

The Republicans have also made registration of new voters much more difficult a procedure, and they are ready to do what happened in 2000–use corrupt methods to help fix the vote, which led to the contested election of George W. Bush, by 537 votes, throwing the election to Bush over Al Gore, who had a national popular vote lead of over a half million votes,

Florida may be the fourth largest state, and soon to be number three, but it needs to overcome a disgraceful image that undermines its future in more ways that can be listed here! Time to get over the Old South mentality and promote fairness and equality!

Since The Death Of Osama Bin Laden, 381 Americans Killed And 4,000 Wounded In Afghanistan: Time To Withdraw!

It has been a year since the death of Osama Bin Laden, and still, we are in Afghanistan, attempting to undermine the Taliban, who collaborated with Al Qaeda, and brought about the events of September 11, 2001.

There is no way that America or the NATO forces in Afghanistan are ever going to rid Afghanistan of the Taliban influence.

Instead, the amazing total of 381 Americans have been killed, many by “friendly” Afghan forces, and over 4,000 wounded, since Bin Laden’s death!

To put it another way, it means on a daily basis, one American is killed and 11 wounded, and for what purpose?

It is time to get out, accept the fact that we accomplished our mission of weakening, and in many respects, destroying, Al Qaeda, and can still do great harm with drones, without sacrificing American lives any longer!

President Obama, it is time to withdraw, and if you feel it cannot be done during the election season, it should be your first action when you are reelected in November.

And President Romney, if that occurs, use your brains and realize this is a lost cause, and not worthy of any more sacrifice beyond January 2013 at the latest!

58th Anniversary Of Brown V. Board Of Education Case: Most Powerful Decision Of Supreme Court In 20th Century!

Today marks the 58th anniversary of the unanimous Supreme Court decision, Brown V. Board Of Education, mandating the end of public school segregation of the races.

No decision of the Supreme Court in the 20th century has had the impact and longevity that the Brown case brought the nation.

This nation is vastly different as a result of this case, which was brought about by the leadership of Chief Justice Earl Warren, and the courageous battle in the courts by future Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall, who argued the case for seven year old Linda Brown of Topeka, Kansas.

Many African Americans have benefited from the decision, and a growing middle class has emerged, but even now there are many black children who are denied equal access and facilities, and attempts in many states to resegregate public schools has become a growing problem.

So the battle for civil rights continues, a never ending struggle, since there are always evil forces who wish to set back progress, and deny access to equal educational opportunities in the states and counties of the nation.